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May 12, 2023

How to Test New Mobile Phone

Manufacturers like Apple and Google release new phones each year; these new models might offer updated features, a larger screen size or even different capabilities than their predecessors. Some consumers don’t have the budget to purchase the latest model phone, but others might not care to acquire the newest models. Instead, these buyers might opt to purchase a newer model phone on the secondhand market.

Buying a pre-owned or refurbished model can be a cheaper option, but second hand purchases also might have flaws or other issues that could impact performance. Buyers who are wondering how to test new mobile phones can use these apps, programs and tips to assess their device.

What Apps or Software Programs Provide Mobile Phone Testing?

Phonecheck is both the best software and the best app for conducting mobile phone testing. Consumers can down the app for free via both Google Play and the App Store. Use the app to test basic capabilities of the phone.

Businesses and independent retailers can use Phonecheck’s enterprise software to comprehensively test the phone’s functionalities. Phonecheck can be used via either a Mac or a PC. 

Simply plug the phone into the system and Phonecheck will check the phone’s battery, speakers and other components and authenticate any replacement parts. In addition, Phonecheck also checks to see if the phone’s software or cell service restrictions were unlocked (this is called jailbreaking). The IMEI is checked to ensure that the phone isn’t on a blacklist.

Phonecheck also lets businesses print a report showing the phone’s health and verifying all the data. This report can accompany the phone to provide peace of mind to buyers.

What are the Benefits of Testing a New Phone?

Businesses that sell cell phones on the secondhand market want to ensure that the device is working properly and hasn’t been listed on the IMEI blacklist. This list denotes phones that have been reported as missing or stolen or phones that are in arrears with a cell phone carrier. Phones that have their IMEI included on the blacklist can’t be activated on a cellular network.

Testing a new phone that will be listed for resale also lets the business understand and identify any potential issues with the components. For example, a test might show that the microphone isn’t functioning properly. The business can remediate the issue before reselling the phone.

Software like Phonecheck also identifies if the phone’s parts have been replaced by parts that aren’t authentic to the manufacturer. MakeUseOf explains that using parts that aren’t authentic to the manufacturer could cause issues related to performance; for example, a replaced part might not work correctly or function as intended.

Jailbreaking a phone means that the restrictions placed by the manufacturer, software or service provider were bypassed. Some users jailbreak a phone to connect it to a different service provider or to install different software. However, jailbreaking can cause issues and even void warranties. Testing will reveal if the phone was unlocked via jailbreaking and the seller can be alerted of the issue.

What Smartphone Testing Software Works for Both Android and Apple?

Whether smartphone users own an Android device or one that runs on iOS (via Apple), Phonecheck can be used to test the phone and uncover any issues. Businesses can use the enterprise software program, and individuals can download the Phonecheck app for free via Google Play or the App Store.

How to Test New Mobile Phone

How to Test a Mobile Phone

Businesses who sell used, pre-owned or refurbished phones or individuals who have purchased a secondhand or pre-owned phone can test the device using Phonecheck. The program assesses all the phone’s components and functionalities to uncover any problems, service issues or even alert the business or owner that the phone was unlocked by jailbreaking or that the IMEI is on a blacklist.

Testing should offer comprehensive capabilities that assess all the functionalities and features of a phone. For example, Phonecheck assesses the battery, speakers, microphone, etc.

For those who purchased an iPhone secondhand, the Apple Store or a store associated with the individual cell phone carrier also might be able to test the phone. Cell carriers also will check the IMEI to ensure it isn’t blacklisted.

Some phones also include built-in diagnostic tools. For example, some iPhone models let users initiate diagnostics by tapping the Settings app, selecting Privacy & Security and then tapping on the Analytics & Improvements section. This will bring up a list of options. However, not all iPhones offer a diagnostic function in this section.

Android and other devices might offer different tools for checking diagnostics. PCMag offers a tutorial for how to run a diagnostics check on an Android device.

What Phone Testing Methods are the Best?

Those who purchase a phone secondhand might wonder which program, app, or software offers the most comprehensive testing methods. Again, Phonecheck’s software (for enterprise use) provides a comprehensive assessment of a device. Phonecheck is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Again, though, stores also could offer phone diagnostics and testing.

How to Conduct a Quick IMEI Test

A smartphone or device that has an IMEI number associated with a blacklist cannot be connected to a cell phone provider. This means that the phone can’t be used by the new owner. While a reputable store will likely refund the purchase of a phone that was discovered to be on the blacklist, not every independent reseller might offer to refund the buyer’s money.

To check the IMEI number of a device against the blacklists, consumers can use Phonecheck’s free IMEI Checker. Simply enter the IMEI number into the query toolbar, and Phonecheck will reveal if the number is on a blacklist.

Use This Mobile Phone Test Checklist

When buying or selling any cell phone, there are numerous components and features on the phone that need to be tested and assessed. A mobile phone test checklist should assess the following:

Testing software should offer comprehensive capabilities. For example, Phonecheck includes a  60+-point inspection process to fully assess every device. Again, businesses can even print a Phonecheck report to include with any device sale so buyers know that the phone has been rigorously tested.

How to Test New Mobile Phone

How to Perform Mobile Phone Tests at Home

New mobile phones aren’t immune to tech issues or problems. Can individuals test a mobile phone at home? Some of the most common problems with new mobile phones might include overheating, charging issues and slow performance.

Most of these issues can be easily resolved, though. For example, a phone that is overheating might have been left in direct sunlight or the user might have been gaming or using an app for a long period of time. Solutions include moving the phone to a cooler location (when it has shutdown from overheating), and closing out apps when the phone has been in use for a long period of time.

Unfortunately, malware and viruses also could cause the phone to overheat. If basic solutions fail to fix the issue, the owner might need to have the phone assessed by a pro.

Charging issues also are common. Before a cell phone user suspects that their battery is failing, they might check the charging cable, charging port or even the outlet. One of these components could be impacting the phone from maintaining a sufficient charge.

A phone that is lagging might have too many apps in use. Try closing out apps and/or restarting the device. For new phones, restarting the device might help resolve the issue.

If the speakers, microphone or other components are experiencing issues, the user might check the settings related to these features. In addition, comprehensive testing software like Phonecheck also could assess these components.

Newer iPhones also allow users to run diagnostics checks through the phone. In addition, many Android devices also allow users to run diagnostics functions to test the phone. While not all Apple or Android devices offer this option, users can check their  device to determine if diagnostics tools are built into the phone.

Businesses and Resellers Can Use Phonecheck to Provide Buyer Peace of Mind

For businesses and independent sellers who offer cell phones, Phonecheck provides quick and comprehensive diagnostic testing for Apple and Android devices. Phonecheck will assess all components and authenticate any replacement parts, too. In addition, Phonecheck will note if the phone was unlocked through jailbreaking or if it is on an IMEI blacklist.

All pertinent test results from Phonecheck can be printed into a report to accompany the device. Buyers can review the report so they can better understand the health of the device and also note any link to a particular cell phone carrier.

Individuals who purchase a phone secondhand can use Phonecheck’s IMEI Checker to see if their purchase is on an IMEI blacklist. They also can download the Phonecheck app to run a quick diagnostic check on their new phone to better understand any underlying issues.

Download the Phonecheck app via Google Play or the App Store or sign up to request a demo of the comprehensive enterprise software.

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