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Introducing Phonecheck 3

Level up with our most powerful platform ever

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AI Infused Data Insights

Optimize operations at every level and plan for future industry trends.

Enhanced decision-making with better insights from your data.

Dramatic increase in UPH with improved software intelligence.

Updated Interface

Easier to learn, easier to use
Top bar now tracks process stages with color changes
New icon design for quicker device assessments
New completion check mark lets you know when device testing is done
Status colors limited to red and green only
Simplified device square with less clutter
MacBook Certification
T2 lock removal, restore,
complete diagnostics
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Phonecheck is building trust between buyers and sellers in the secondary market

Fully integrated platform to consolidate clumsy workflows and supercharge your business’ throughput

All-in-One Solution
Lock Detection
ADISA Certified Erasure
Advanced Battery Health
80 Point Diagnostic
40+ Units Per Hour

Twice as fast guaranteed

1-on-1 training & 24/7 support

Our Success team is here 24 hours a day to help you get started and support you along the way.  Our average response time is under 2 minutes.

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Remote Certification

You can now certify devices remotely. Perfect for Buyback and Insurance programs.


Remote Certification

You can now certify devices remotely. Perfect for Buyback and Insurance programs.

Zero touch erase and restore

The most advanced data wipe solution in the industry allows users to focus on devices that need attention while Phonecheck automatically handles the rest.

Custom workflows - Auto removal of Beta OS, jailbreak & MDM

Repair History

Check for non OEM replacement parts

Warehouse of the future

Pre-checking, standardized cosmetic grading, diagnostics, erasure, and device routing, all fully automated by Phonecheck

Digital Assets
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