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4 Best Phone Diagnostics Tools All IT Managers Need

As an IT manager, your duty encompasses a plethora of things, including replacing old company phones, computers, and other tech devices. With the old phones, you may want to list them for resale to make the company some money and avoid piling up e-wastes. Economically, it makes more sense to replace them with used or refurbished phones — where buying new devices in bulk can cost the company a fortune.

However, while you can confidently go home with a newly bought phone, certain that it’ll be in perfect working condition, you cannot have the same assurance for used devices. Therefore, whether listing for a resell or buying refurbished replacement phones, you need diagnostic tools to perform functional testing. 

Performing diagnostic testing before listing for resale can increase the rating on your old company phones, enabling you to sell at a higher price. When buying used phones, diagnostic testing helps you perform a proper appraisal to avoid costly hidden problems that may arise during usage.

Several diagnostic tools exist, but not all can meet the needs of an IT manager who is looking to test dozens of devices with speed and accuracy. This article discusses the type of phone diagnostic tools that suit the delicate needs of IT managers and a description of how each of them works.

Are you hoping to replace old company phones with refurbished ones today? You can avoid costly hidden problems with Phonecheck Certified devices.

What is Android and iOS diagnostic testing?

Phone diagnostic tools are applications with software that helps perform functionality or diagnostic testing for refurbished phones to ensure they’re in perfect working condition. You can envision phone diagnostic testing as a sort of mobile health check-up. The aim is to root out possible flaws or damages in its operations.

Android and iOS devices come with extensive software and hardware features that enhance their functionality. These core features and parts can not thoroughly undergo testing in a few minutes. However, with phone diagnostic tools, you can execute large-scale and in-depth tests of the phone’s software and hardware features quickly.


The diagnostic tool gives you insight into the state of the device’s battery, touch and LCD screen, audio, video, camera, and microphone. Additionally, it checks connectivity—wi-fi and Bluetooth, haptics, microphone, network connection, sensors, etc. The tool then pulls together the results of all these individual tests to paint a single, vivid picture in a diagnostic report.

Some phone diagnostic apps like Phonecheck offer mobile certification in addition. Certification ensures the device IMEI and ESN are clean, provides a functionality rating, and checks iCloud status — which can all boost resale value

Why a business needs phone diagnostic tools 

You might be able to trust your instincts, the seller’s reputation, or a simple manual test when buying a single phone from a vendor. However, a phone diagnostic tool becomes crucial for IT managers who have to deal with most company phones. The reason is that manual testing is not exhaustive. For instance, you can easily miss freezing issues during manual testing. 


When manually testing hundreds of refurbished company phones, it’s easy to miss certain flaws or forget to test specific features. These errors can be costly and open your company up to liabilities. Phone diagnostic tools can help prevent such expensive mistakes.


Furthermore, acquiring new devices for your business as an IT manager involves a lot of time-consuming processes. Phone diagnostic tools help you automate the diagnostic portion and free time for the more demanding activities needed to configure and enroll the phones into your company’s systems. These tools also work a lot faster. They are more specific, follow a set standard, and are more reliable for tests.


The report on the conditions of the mobile devices you intend to purchase can give you leverage in many ways. First, you can promptly return phones that don’t measure up to your company’s standards. You can also negotiate based on the actual value of the phone, with the report serving as an authentic and precise basis for your valuation.


Phone diagnostic tools are also adaptable. You can customize your device diagnostics tool to prioritize specific tests and provide more extensive reports. These are usually vital pointers that affect the phone’s value for company operations.

Built-in diagnostic tools

Many cell phone manufacturers understand the importance of diagnostic tools and incorporate them into their devices. Android device makers like Samsung, Motorola, and many others have built-in diagnostic tools as OEMs that you can freely use. However, these diagnostic tools are hidden, and each brand requires specific codes to access them.


Android built-in diagnostic tools test your audio, pixel colors, processors, haptic feedback, and sensors, including the accelerometer, camera tests, etc. 

Some popular Android phones and how to leverage their in-built diagnostic tools are:


Unfortunately, iPhone devices do not have built-in diagnostic software. Users have to rely heavily on third-party diagnostic tools from the app store. However, Apple provides detailed readouts on battery performance and history on its devices.


You can find this information by opening the Settings app on your iPhone. Find and click the battery app to overview the battery health and usage history. The battery health report can be an indicator to the extent of phone usage. It also gives you a better sense of the value of the device in comparison to others in its model.

The best diagnostic tools for businesses

Diagnostic testing isn’t only crucial during listing for resale or buying refurbished replacement phones. The IT manager has to ensure that all the company’s IT devices function optimally. Therefore, routine functionality testing is another core part of their job. For times such as these, a handy diagnostic tool is a must. As an IT manager, the following approach can help you keep an eye on the conditions of your company’s phones.

Customer service 

You can access diagnostic tools for your devices through the customer service of some phone makers. Apple is a good example since all Apple or iOS devices do not have built-in diagnostic tools. Apple’s customer service can help you run diagnostic tests on your iPhones and iPads. Furthermore, they can help you troubleshoot simple issues that you may come across during your tests. Going about this is quite simple; just contact customer support and request a diagnostic test.

The customer service representative will issue a service ticket number to you once you contact them. You’ll be given instructions on running hardware tests through the safari browser with the service ticket number. However, suppose your company’s iPhones are running iOS 10 and below. In that case, you will have to visit an iPhone customer service center — also called a Genius Bar.

Remote mobile testing 

Remote testing is also an efficient approach to diagnostic testing for personal or company phones. Remote mobile testing means testing your phone’s features outside of the mobile phone. The diagnostic tool or software is located on another device, usually a desktop computer or a laptop.


Remote testing is beneficial when buying used devices in bulk or as trade-ins. You can check the phone’s health and conditions while still with the supplier and use the result to inform your purchase decision. However, you will need the IMEI number (a 15-digit code unique to every phone) of the devices to connect to your remote diagnostic tool.

Mobile device management (MDM) 

An MDM is an administrative and management software that allows businesses to oversee permissions and gain remote control of their work phones. With MDM, a company can ensure that a phone that is connected to its network or used to access its data by employees doesn’t become a point of vulnerability or data breach.


MDM software often comes with diagnostic tools to help companies run test checks remotely on all the configured phones. Since MDMs administer multiple phones at once, you can run a diagnostic test and receive individual reports on all your company phones. In addition to managing data and conducting phone check-ups, MDMs are capable of data erasure and IT policy implementation.

Phone diagnostic software 

A phone diagnostic software is an application that helps you examine your smartphone’s features and state. Diagnostic software is essential for businesses that have to deal with bulk purchases and sales of phones. You can easily find phone diagnostic software on mobile stores like Apple’s app store or Android’s google play store. However, you need to understand that some are built with more features than others.

For instance, unlike most diagnostic tools in the market, Phonecheck’s diagnostic solution allows you to conduct a diagnostic examination on your phone on over 80 different points. Its thorough and fast inspection completes diagnostic checks in just 60 seconds.


Phonecheck’s industry-leading diagnostic solution brings a dependable method to test your phone’s features, eliminating over 99% of errors or oversight made by humans. The result is a certified result you can rely on every time and on any smartphone.


The software supports Android and Apple phones and allows you to automate and customize the testing process to fit your needs. While still delivering a full-page critical diagnostic certification with high speed and accuracy.

Ensure quality on your company’s devices with Phonecheck

Manual functionality testing of company phones is prone to error and can be challenging for the IT manager. That’s why you need efficient diagnostic testing software in your mobile toolbox, especially when buying refurbished phones to replace old company phones. 

Such tools can detect evasive functional software or hardware issues that may cost the company a fortune to repair. Phonecheck diagnostic software offers all-around software and hardware functionality testing. Furthermore, it carries out mobile certifications and provides you with a device history report that serves as mobile quality assurance. Therefore, you can buy  Phonecheck Certified phones with confidence, knowing that costly problems won’t arise.

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