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September 9, 2016

What Is An IMEI Blacklist Check?

When you consider that the average price of a spanking new smartphone in the United States is projected to be $424 in 2017, you can see why buying used might appeal to some people.In fact, one article notes that buying a used phone will soon be just as commonplace as buying a used car -- meaning that many people will view purchasing used as the only sensible option.But just like you need to be careful when you hit the dealership lot in search of a used car, so too should you be vigilant when you search online or offline for used or refurbished phones. Even though there are indeed good deals to be had, you must consider certain things beforehand -- such as whether or not it’s a lost or stolen product -- in order to avoid getting burned.The way you can determine this is by doing an IMEI blacklist check. An IMEI number, which is assigned to every smartphone, allows the buyer of a second-hand phone to verify if it’s been reported lost or stolen. Read on to learn more about how a blacklist check can help.

What is an IMEI blacklist?

An IMEI blacklist is basically a database listing the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of mobile devices that have been reported lost or stolen. You can access these online databases, therefore, to check before you hand over any cash to buy a smartphone.

Why is this information important?

If you fail to check the IMEI against an IMEI blacklist, you can end up with a smartphone that has already been reported to the relevant authorities as lost or stolen. If this happens, the police could seize your phone, and your mobile services provider could block your phone from its network.

imei blacklist check

How can users check the IMEI?

There are numerous ways that you can conduct an IMEI blacklist check. In addition to calling your carrier with the relevant information, you can check online to find manufacturer-specific information on how to retrieve this vital data. As well, you can also check the various IMEI blacklist databases available online.But what if you are a company buying mass amounts of used mobile devices and need to check the IMEI for each one? That can be time consuming to handle each phone manually. PhoneCheck is the perfect solution to quickly and easily discovering if the phones your business has recently purchased are reported lost or stolen.

What should users do in case their phone is reported lost or stolen?

If you bought a smartphone reported lost or stolen from a friend or a seller on a classifieds site, you should reach out to your carrier to figure out the best way to return the phone to the rightful owner. If you acquired it from one of the more reputable online marketplaces, you could also seek to return it for a full refund. You should let the seller, who may or may not have known about the issue, know that the phone is registered on an IMEI blacklist. A reputable seller won’t hesitate to give you your money back and to see that the phone gets back to whomever it belongs to.So, as you can see, an IMEI check is a must if you plan to buy a used smartphone. There are certainly hot deals to be had if you buy a used phone, but you can get burned if you don’t do your homework first. Be sure to subject any smartphone on your shortlist to an IMEI blacklist, and you’ll lessen the odds of ending up with buyer’s remorse after closing a deal.

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