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Bringing trust to the device aftermarket

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Fully Functional
Battery Health
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Powering consumer confidence
Phonecheck is the leading source of device information for buyers and sellers of used phones, tablets & smart watches.
Preferred Certification

Buy & Sell with confidence

All-in-one certification unique to each device available on the cloud and via open API featuring consumer friendly labels and complete Device History Reports.
For Marketplace Sellers

Add certification branding and history report images directly to your individual and bulk device listings using our new certification toolbox toolset.

Individual Reports

Access individual reports by clicking the history report icon found in your cloud DB export table.

New to Phonecheck?

Start certifying with blazing fast industry leading suite of tools that are easy to setup and use. Optimized for high volume wholesalers.

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Increase resale value.

Phonecheck Certified devices consistently sell faster and capture higher sale values at auction and marketplaces worldwide.

Fully Functional & Securely Erased

Adisa certified secure data erasure; clear all device data completely and securely

Backed by Phonecheck

Every eligible device report comes with a Phonecheck Buyback Guarantee

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