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Device History Report
March 30, 2023

Understanding a Device History Report: Everything You Need to Know About Device Info

Have you ever left the house without your mobile phone? While it happens to the best of us, it never ceases to calm the panic that hits when we realize that we’re without access to our daily lives. Whether we like it or not, we depend on our mobile devices for work, social interactions, and household administration like banking and even controlling our thermostats. When we realize just how vital our devices are to us, we want to ensure we have a quality, reliable tool that we can depend on. Here’s where Phonecheck’s Device History Report comes into play.

The Phonecheck Device History Report is a comprehensive report that provides device info for used technology such as smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. It provides critical information about the device's history, including its physical condition, network status, and software. 

What exactly does this report provide, and how do we use the device info to make decisions? We'll break down the different sections of the Phonecheck Device History Report and explain the red flags to look out for when buying or selling a used device.

Physical Condition

The Phonecheck Device History report provides device info about its physical state, including details about scratches, dents, and cracks on the phone's screen and body. It also reports on the device’s water damage indicators, battery health, and whether parts have been repaired or replaced.

Red Flags: When reviewing the physical condition section, look out for devices that have significant cracks or dents. These might indicate that it has been dropped or mishandled. Also, if the report shows that there has been water damage or a low battery health percentage, it may be a sign that it hasn’t been properly maintained and may not function optimally.

Activation Status

The activation status section of the Phonecheck report provides device info about the phone's network status. This section includes whether the mobile device is locked or unlocked, its carrier and whether the phone has been reported lost or stolen.

Red Flags: If the report shows that the phone is locked or reported lost or stolen, it’s possible that it’s been blacklisted, making it impossible to use on most networks. This is a major red flag and should be a deal-breaker when considering purchasing a used device.

Warranty Status

This section lets you know if the device is still under warranty and if it has been repaired or replaced under warranty.

Red Flags: If the device info indicates that it has been repaired or replaced under warranty multiple times, it may be a sign that it has underlying issues that have not been adequately resolved. This could lead to future problems, so definitely take this into consideration when you’re deciding for or against purchasing a piece of technology.

Software Device Info

Here you’ll learn about the device's operating system and installed apps including the operating system version, security patches, and installed apps.

Red Flags: If the device hasn’t been updated with the latest security patches or operating system version, it might mean that it hasn’t been receiving important updates to protect against security vulnerabilities. This could put your personal information at risk, so consider this when you’re deciding on a used mobile device.

Diagnostic Results

The diagnostic results section of the Phonecheck report provides information about the hardware and software diagnostics. You’ll find any issues such as hardware failures or software glitches in this section.

Red Flags: If the device has failed any hardware or software diagnostics, it might not be functioning correctly and may not perform optimally. This could lead to future problems, so be sure to take this device info into consideration.

Phonecheck’s Device History Report is a great, if not essential, tool for understanding the quality of the phone you may be interested in buying or selling. It’s good to know that every device that has a Device History Report also undergoes a comprehensive data wipe that conforms with the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) standards. So before you purchase or sell a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, be sure to use Phonecheck and learn about any red flags so you can use this device info to make informed decisions.

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