Phonecheck Certification

When a consumer or business is looking to purchase or resell a used mobile device how can they ensure the device is working properly?

A Phonecheck SM Certification assures both the buyer and the seller that the mobile device is in 100% working condition.

Once the device has been Certified by Phonecheck SM, both buyers and sellers can enter into transactions with confidence that the device has been inspected and passed a 3rd party independent certification.

Upon completion, a Phonecheck SM Certification report is generated.

PhoneCheck Mobile Certification

This report can be used to increase resale values, buyer confidence and to reduce returns.

PhoneCheck Certification

Every Phonecheck SM Certification tests for

  • Actual make, model, memory, OS version
  • Hardware Functionality
  • Apple ID Locks
  • Lost, Stolen or Financed Devices
  • And more…

Our test suites may be customized to fit our clients specific needs while reducing labor/training costs and human errors, and increasing efficiency.

Test Compatibilty

  • IOS & Android Only

Full Comprehensive Test (2 min) including

  • Wifi Bluetooth, GPS
  • ChargePort and Battery
  • Front and Back Camera (Including Flash)
  • Video Recorder
  • Ear Speaker, Loud Speaker, Mic, Headset
  • Digitizer and LCD
  • Memory and SD card slot
  • Proximity and Accelerometer
  • Test Call
  • IOS – FingerPrint Sensor and iCloud Status
PhoneCheck Certification Process

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