Mobile Device Data Erasure

Wipe It Clean – Faster, Smarter

Sanitize Used Phones with Speed and Accuracy

You can certify used phones and other portable devices with powerful efficiency, using Phonecheck Pro software. Features like fast, comprehensive data erasure form a bond of trust between buyer and seller, for fast, reliable transactions without hassles.

Our data wipe capabilities extend to both iPhones and Android units, with an industry-leading Mac native application that ensures the highest possible successful erase yield.

Exceptional Speed

This dynamic software restores up to 100 or more IOS and Android devices per hour, per station.

Advanced Security

Cryptographic and DOD3 level wipe process ensures a multi-layered solution.

Powerful Diagnostics

Our specially designed system tests ramp up efficiency and reliability.

Phonecheck Pro Secure Erase Gives You More:

  • Industry-leading Mac native application with highest possible successful erase yield
  • Hot-swap capabilities
  • Automatically activate iOS devices from Hello to Home screen in seconds
  • AutoPower off of iOS and Samsung devices
  • iOS and Samsung OEM battery health meter readings
  • Complete Lock Detection (FMI/FRP, MDM & Apple Finance)
  • Direct ESN check results, including Financed, Unpaid Bills, Outstanding Balance and Blacklist from major carriers, including Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon
  • Unrivaled automation, customizations, speed, yield and accuracy
Mobile Device Data Erasure PhoneCheck

Grow Your Business, Solidify Your Brand

You build your business success upon the reputation of the products you sell. One of the most important things for buyers is knowing that the used phone devices they purchase are in excellent working order, with all certifications and security measures in place.

Phonecheck is your most trusted resource for establishing trust and confidence within the used phone industry. The reason is simple: Our Phonecheck Pro software certifies used devices in bulk, faster and more accurately – enabling you to sell your product quickly, without hassles or unforeseen expenses.

Turbo-Charge Your Data Erasures

Our data wipe capabilities are among the most comprehensive in the industry, with the capacity to restore up to 100 or more iOS devices per hour, per station. We utilize cryptographic and DOD3 level wipe processes, for added security redundancies. This three-pass overwrite is further secured by a verification pass to establish that all data on the device has been properly overwritten.

Phonecheck Pro Software has been thoroughly tested and has performed data sanitization on thousands of devices, including both iPhones and Androids. Features include everything from hot-swap capabilities and automatic activation of iOS devices from Hello to Home screens in seconds, to iOS and Samsung OEM battery health meter readings, complete lock detection and more. Direct ESN check results include Financed, Unpaid Bills, Outstanding Balance and Blacklisting from the major carriers.

Security at a Higher Level

Let’s face it…you can’t possibly know the history of every phone you re-sell. That’s why it’s critical to have someone like Phonecheck that you can rely on for your data erase solutions and more. Phonecheck data erasure creates a totally new encrypted file system over the old one, erasing both the content index and all data in advance of its multiple overwriting. All erasures are third-party-certified and feature traceability and transparency for clear, tamper-proof auditing trails.

When relying on Phonecheck’s superior data wipe services, you can always feel confident, knowing that we are compliant with state, federal and international data privacy standards and guidelines. Our business is designed to help your business grow rapidly, without the accompanying headaches or pangs of uncertainty.

Total Coverage, Phone after Phone

Phonecheck offers the most complete solution in the phone re-sale industry, addressing more than 60 possible phone defects with speed, precision and intuitive intelligence. Our data erasure feature is just one very important aspect of what we do.

More than simply servicing and preparing your phones for easy, rapid transactions, we instill that all-important trust that makes the buyer-seller relationship mutually beneficial and ultimately profitable for you.

Once You Test Us, You’ll Trust Us

Don’t risk the potential pitfalls inherent with selling a faulty or unsecured phone. Establish a reliable system that includes Phonecheck Pro software as your dependable resource working behind the scenes to certify and secure the greatest number of phones and portable devices for your business success.

Put Phonecheck to the test, and get the industry’s most powerful and reliable used phone certification software. Phonecheck answers the call with faster, more responsive verification features that accelerate your business model and expand your sales volume. It’s the quality connection that builds trust into every transaction.

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