Premium IMEI Checks

Think of it as your phone I.D. The 15-digit IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is unique to each individual smart phone. It’s a vital element, should a phone become lost or stolen, because knowing it enables the owner to block whoever found or stole it from using it. From the IMEI, one can discern many things about the device’s history, as well. That’s why it’s so important to run a Premium IMEI Check before buying or selling a used phone.

Phonecheck software enables you to run an IMEI check on every phone, thoroughly and quickly. You can rapidly learn if a phone has been reported lost, was blacklisted or is subject to an insurance claim, even check financing data, which can be critical to a phone’s operability. Our IMEI function also provides other valuable information, such as the phone’s brand and model, year of release and all of its specifications, down to the tiniest detail.

A proper IMEI check gives confidence to buyers and sellers alike. Providing IMEI information demonstrates good faith, with the knowledge that both parties are working from full disclosure. For Phonecheck, it’s all about fostering trust. Never buy a used mobile device unless it’s Phonecheck Certified.

PhoneCheck Premium IMEI Checks Service

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