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Phonecheck Release Notes

Below is a list of updates and improvements to Phonecheck Desktop, Cloud, & Mobile apps as we release them.

By Platform:

Windows Desktop

April 14, 2022

System Update Details:

  • Build Version Released: Production  
  • Available: April 14, 2022

New Features and Enhancements


  • DESK-2399 - Added ability to print Erasure reports from the desktop application

Fixes Implemented

Thanks to the hard work of Phonecheck engineers, we are happy to announce the following fixes have been implemented for this build:

Apple Processing

  • DESK-2573 - Fixed a bug that caused the device info view to freeze after successfully erasing iOS devices 

Android Processing

  • DESK-2256 - Fixed a bug for Galaxy S21 SM-G998B Battery Health on Android 12
  • DESK-2157 - Fixed an IMEI bug that displayed the device serial numbers instead of IMEI in Pixel devices 
  • DESK-2172 - Fixed a bug for Galaxy S21 Sm-G998U1 Battery Health on Android 12
  • DESK-2541 - Fixed a bug that prevented Battery Health from displaying on Samsung S21+ 5G, Note 10+, & Note 10 devices

Known Issues

We understand some issues were not listed in this release. These items aren’t being ignored, but it will take Phonecheck engineers more time to resolve the issue.


We’re still tracking these known issues:

  • DESK-1366 - Bug - No licenses message shows when no auto ESN is enabled or no manual ESN is checked
  • DESK-1407 - Bug - Auto erase non ADB not working for Samsung devices with OS 11
  • DESK-1417 - Bug - IOS devices with "pending" functionality are not saving colors in the previous transaction DB
  • DESK-1443 - Bug - Showing devices with eSIM as Dual Sim model
  • DESK-1578 - Bug - Cosmetic Responses not always showing in cloud portal
  • DESK-1595 - Bug - Windows - Samsung S20 5G dual sim showing only IMEI1 info
  • DESK-1596 - Bug - Manual Entry not saving Serial # if there's an IMEI inserted
  • DESK-1604 - Bug - Samsung S8/S8+/Note8 will not complete an erasure in PhoneCheck
  • DESK-1618 - Bug - Packages - Cloud Customization Screen will not load - stuck loading "testlist.json causing issues"
  • DESK-1663 - Bug- The label Certificate 4x6 is printing test results when test results field/elements are not enabled from label settings.
  • DESK-1665 - Bug - Network Detection - The Lock icon on labels is based on the Network field "Sim inserted" not the sim lock status
  • DESK-1680 - Bug - Certificate 3*2 label not showing correct Display On Samsung S20 device
  • DESK-1765 - Bug - Information entered in Manual Entry will erase once IMEI is entered in Manual Entry
  • DESK-1777 - Bug - Retail Mode/Pricing Matrix - devices being entered are not prompting Retail Mode
  • DESK-1835 - Bug - GetAllNewDevices - API Response for 'deviceDisconnect' is showing 'null'
  • DESK-1861 - Bug - Not able to export from local station
  • DESK-2020 - Bug - Analytics bar not updating/working
  • DESK-2075 - Bug - Battery Criteria not working for iPad Pro 9.7”
  • DESK-2078 - Bug - When erasing a device with FRP the prompt to remove the Account does not clear
  • DESK-2162 - Bug - Win - In App cosmetics test not saving the "Shortkey and passed answer" in Cloud DB
  • DESK-2237 - Bug - Windows - In-app grade is not getting updated in SKU Code on cloud
  • DESK-2243 - Bug - OEM Parts is not printing to the PC 4x2 label
  • DESK-2268 - Bug - IMEI and Serial Mismatch on test result as failed

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