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Phonecheck Release Notes

Below is a list of updates and improvements to Phonecheck Desktop, Cloud, & Mobile apps as we release them.

By Platform:

Android App 3.1.296

March 16, 2022

System Update Details:

  • Build Version Released: 3.1.296 Production  
  • Available: March 16, 2022

New Features and Enhancements


  • MOBI-1140 - Added Japanese language support
  • MOBI-948 - Added the ability to recognize devices with a notch or hole punch for the camera
  • MOBI-983 - Improved failure reasons for the LCD tests by allowing the user to go back and edit failure reason
  • MOBI-871 - Updated system supporting apps for Android 12 

Fixes Implemented

Thanks to the hard work of Phonecheck engineers, we are happy to announce the following fixes have been implemented for this build


  • MOBI-889 - Fixed a bug that prevented Cosmetics results from printing on labels


  • MOBI-974 - Fixed a bug that prevented Custom tests from working with multiple models 
  • MOBI-929 - Fixed a UI bug that displayed pending results on the mobile application after successfully syncing app results with the Phonecheck desktop application
  • MOBI-996 - Fixed a UI bug that displayed a 100% progress bar when tests were still pending
  • MOBI-1159 - Fixed a bug that prevented the SIM reader test from appearing in the test suite
  • MOBI-861 - Fixed a bug where Phonecheck failed to detect the device's operating system version 

LCD Diagnostics

  • MOBI-930 - Fixed a digitizer test bug for devices with a hole punch or notch
  • MOBI-955 - Fixed a bug where the test was closed to the home screen and caused the LCD test to automatically fail while testing the LCD

Battery Diagnostics

  • MOBI-1087 - Fixed an autostart bug when unplugging for a Battery Drain test
  • MOBI-993 - Fixed a return to app bug that affected Battery Tests when closing and reopening the mobile app
  • MOBI-1073 - Fixed an application freeze that occurred when starting a Battery Drain Test

Audio Diagnostics

  • MOBI-941 - Fixed a bug that prevented microphone thresholds from saving a record to the Cloud database
  • MOBI-932 - Fixed a bug with devices randomly failing the bottom microphone

Headset Diagnostics

  • MOBI-860 - Fixed a bug that passed headsets even after failing left or right speakers

Camera Diagnostics

  • MOBI-1072 - Fixed a bug that saved camera test images to the device 
  • MOBI-972 - Fixed a bug that prevented rear camera tests from displaying when included in a test plan
  • MOBI-864 - Fixed a bug where previous test images showed instead of the latest ones
  • MOBI-943 - Fixed a crash bug when testing devices with an ultrawide camera

NFC Diagnostics

  • MOBI-1157 - Fixed an NFC activation bug with Android 12 devices


  • MOBI-840 Fixed a headphone detection bug on Nokia 1.3 devices
  • MOBI-937 - Fixed a bug on Note 10 devices where S-Pen Back and Menu Button appeared as defects
  • MOBI-1046 - Fixed a bug where Nokia 8.3 5G camera images were showing stretched
  • MOBI-1051 - Fixed a bug on Galaxy A20 OS11 that caused instructions to remain after camera tests were completed
  • MOBI-1051 - Fixed slow responding camera tests on Huawei devices
  • MOBI-995 - Fixed a crash bug with Virgin Media Telly Tablets "VMMD001"
  • MOBI-972 - Fixed One Plus bug that prevented the Alert Slider test from displaying
  • MOBI-883 - Fixed a manual audio test bug with Pixel 4 devices 
  • MOBI-875 - Fixed a crash bug with Android OnePlus 7T 
  • MOBI-1066 - Fixed a bug with microphone tests on S6 devices
  • MOBI-1074 - Fixed a reappearing microphone test bug on S7 devices

Known Issues

We understand some issues were not listed in this release. These items aren’t being ignored, but it will take Phonecheck engineers more time to resolve the issue.

We’re still tracking these known issues:

  • MOBI-967 - Bug - Oneplus 7 pro crash on opening of the Phonecheck app
  • MOBI-1290 - Bug - Galaxy s20, s20+, s20 ultra, S21 crash with Dual Test Call
  • MOBI-857 - Bug - QR code skip not working for Android 12
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