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Phonecheck Release Notes

Below is a list of updates and improvements to Phonecheck Desktop, Cloud, & Mobile apps as we release them.

By Platform:

Mac Desktop 1.3.651.8

April 15, 2022

System Update Details:

  • Build Version Released: 1.3.651.8 Production  
  • Available: April 15, 2022

New Features and Enhancements


  • DESK-2400 - Added Erasure reports to Phonecheck desktop application
  • DESK-1983 - Improved local database by adding pagination 
  • DESK-1503 - Added multiple channel support to the Shopfloor system 
  • DESK-2061 - Added Japanese language support for Cloud Customization
  • DESK-1210 - Added build update check prior to contacting the support chat
  • DESK-2292 - Added Monterey support
  • DESK-1750 - Improved MDM workflow based on Customization settings

Fixes Implemented

Thanks to the hard work of Phonecheck engineers, we are happy to announce the following fixes have been implemented for this build:


  • DESK-2089 - Fixed a bug that caused the application to respond slowly 
  • DESK-1841 - Fixed a bug that caused the erase timer to show an incorrect format in the cloud database
  • DESK-2141 - Fixed a bug that caused the system to freeze after processing 3-5 batches
  • DESK-2217 - Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to jump while using the "Validate Serial or IMEI"  feature when devices were connected
  • DESK-2221 - Fixed an intermittent bug that caused a 6th device to disconnect 
  • DESK-1511 - Fixed a reconnection bug with Cosmetics
  • DESK-1629 - Fixed a bug that caused a constant wireless charging notification
  • DESK-1477 - Fixed a  bug that cause the Cloud Customization Screen to freeze on “loading "testlist.json”
  • DESK-1745 - Fixed a bug that caused device data to sync all data to the Cloud database
  • DESK-2035 - Fixed a bug that caused the Erase certificate to become impossible to print 

Apple Processing

  • DESK-2596 - Fixed a firmware push bug that prevented iOS 15.4.1 from being downloaded to workstations 
  • DESK-2001 - Fixed bug with iPhones not returning the correct color
  • DESK-1346 - Fixed a Cloud database synchronization issue with iPod devices
  • DESK-2359 - Fixed a bug that caused devices to intermittently fail to Restore
  • DESK-1879 - Fixed a bug with the “disable typing in carrier field” setting that caused the carrier field to empty when checking Sim lock + Carrier lock
  • DESK-2220 - Fixed a bug that caused incorrect parts identification
  • DESK-1914 - Fixed a bug that caused MDM status to show 'PEO Required' when using power off customizations 
  • DESK-1619 - Fixed a bug where devices on setup did not get WiFi profile push
  • DESK-2076 - Fixed a bug that failed to show the Battery Warning after pushing test results

Android Processing

  • DESK-1857 - Fixed a bug with Nokia 3.1 devices showing incorrect MDM status
  • DESK-2156 - Fixed a bug with Pixel devices displaying serial instead of IMEI
  • DESK-2160 - Fixed a bug with carrier information disappearing from Android devices when ready
  • DESK-2379 - Fixed a Galaxy S21 SM-G998B Battery Health bug on Android 12
  • DESK-2246 - Fixed a Samsung S8 bug that prevented Phonecheck from gathering information from the device with the ‘Samsung Devices without ADB' customization enabled
  • DESK-2509 - Fixed a bug that displayed a Battery Warning defect on all Android devices and device labels
  • DESK-2614 - Fix a bug that displayed the device serial number instead of the device IMEI on Samsung devices
  • DESK-2379 - Fixed issue with Galaxy S21 SM-G998B where Battery Health failed to show on Android 12 but showed on Android 11
  • DESK-2018 - Fixed a bug that caused the PC utility to fail to open on random devices
  • DESK-2126 - Fixed a bug that caused inaccurate FRP results


  • DESK-1995 - Fixed a bug that caused Defect mapping for the digitizer to print with the wrong grade
  • DESK-2000 - Fixed bug that caused the Test Plan to not push correctly from Shopfloor
  • DESK-1322 - Fixed a defect mapping bug that caused an incorrect grade to be sent in the Result API


  • DESK-1819 - Fixed a label printing orientation bug with KT4x2
  • DESK-1330 - Fixed a bug with Dual Dymo printing to one printer instead of both

Known Issues

We understand some issues were not listed in this release. These items aren’t being ignored, but it will take Phonecheck engineers more time to resolve the issue.

We’re still tracking these known issues:


  • DESK-1187 - Bug - Samsung Carrier API is not updating the carrier field
  • DESK-1550 - Bug - Require 'LPN on Trust' is turning device square 'green' once inputted and device is not prepared
  • DESK-1568 - Bug - A4 Repair Certificate, Android Provision do not print or print to PDF
  • DESK-1601 - Bug - FMI is off & iCloud account is active but status show off for the device box
  • DESK-1602 - Bug - Failed Cosmetics are not passing upon retest or printing on the label
  • DESK-1703 - Bug - 5s, 5, 5c, and 6 taking a long time to connect and get to green ready status
  • DESK-1813 - Bug - Phonecheck randomly show "nullnull" instead of the model number and get stuck at "App install failed" status
  • DESK-1827 - Bug - Firmware - When the user clicks on the Refresh button on firmware it gets stuck loading
  • DESK-1839 - Bug - "Auto erase first time on home screen" causing "Auto power off on erase" to not work
  • DESK-1979 - Bug - Desktop Toggle Switches are not saving when enabled or disabled with Cloud Customization profile
  • DESK-2173 - Bug - Phonecheck providing incorrect serial for device
  • DESK-2210 - Bug - FaceID is grayed out but Phonecheck says pass
  • DESK-2234 - Bug - Color is not displaying properly for Samsung devices
  • DESK-2337 -Bug - Duplicate A4 Reports ID and device info in DB with same Transaction ID and timestamps 
  • DESK-2372 - Bug - Mac - Devices disconnect and not showing in the Phonecheck
  • DESK-2004 - Bug - Mac - Check All ESN prompt states 
  • DESK-2210 - Bug - FaceID is greyed out but Phonecheck says pass
  • DESK-2288 - Mac 1.3.644.53 - Apple Watch Model name Is Not showing
  • DESK-2294 - Bug - Reconnect Speed Enhancement Enabled - The device box won't release if its having any initial defect
  • DESK-2004 - Bug - Mac - Check All ESN prompt states 4 ESN licenses will be consumed but only 3 are consumed
  • DESK-2289 - Bug - Battery warning not showing even it shows in device
  • DESK-2336 - Bug - Previous Transaction - Comments are not displaying on Re-test for IOS Devices

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