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December 28, 2018

Best Places To Sell Your iPhone Online

If you are a small business in the cell phone industry, you will need to start small and get your feet wet first when it comes to selling off your inventory. Or perhaps, you are a consumer who has a used cell phone in good condition and you’re ready to upgrade. Should you trade it in? Do you sell it privately? Where is a good place to sell your phones? If you are ready to sell your used cell phones, keep reading for our insider tips and tricks!

Get Ready to Sell Your Phone

Before you read any further to find the best place to sell iPhones or Androids, make sure you get your phone ready to be sold! Check out this checklist of things you need to do before you make the sale. It includes backing it up, wiping it clean and lots more! You never know the intentions of the person who ends up buying your phone. Protect your information, or the previous owner’s information, and make sure it is totally wiped clean and factory-ready.It can be difficult to sell used phones that aren’t in good condition. This includes cracked screens, slow functions or poor battery health. Don’t worry - surprisingly, there is a market for these phones and they can be fixed relatively inexpensively. However, if you find that your phone still isn’t fit enough to sell, then make sure you check out our insider tips on discarding it safely and securely.

Best Places to Sell Your Phone In Person

If you’re not too into selling your phone online, don’t worry. The internet can be a scary place if you’re not sure how to use it, but luckily, there’s still tons of options for you to sell your phone safely in-person and get a great deal.

Ah, Craigslist. While it doesn’t exactly have the best or safest reputation, it is still a great option to privately sell just about anything - and this includes your used phones. All you need to do is simply create a post that your phone is for sale, then decide exactly who you’d like to sell it to. All your contact information can remain confidential if you’d like, so you don’t get completely inundated with calls and emails from potential buyers. If you’re worried about how to post a great for sale post and weed through the spam, make sure you check out our tips on how to effectively sell your phone on Craigslist. While Craigslist isn’t as secure as other options, it’s one of the best ways to begin negotiating and get top dollar for your cell phones.


Looking for a quick and easy option without having to weed through potential buyers? If you’re looking to get some cash fast, EcoATM is a great option. EcoATM is a kiosk where you can deposit your old cell phone, have it evaluated and get cash right there on the spot. If you decide you don’t like their price, just simply get your phone back and move right along. There’s thousands of locations all over the country, and their kiosks are specially designed to make sure phones cannot be stolen or damaged once inside. While you might not get offered top dollar for your phone, it’s definitely the quickest and easiest way to get cash today for your used phone.

Walmart Trade-In

Walmart offers a trade-in program so that they can refurbish and resell the used phones they receive. It’s pretty simple - Walmart will make you an offer for your phone and send you a shipping label. If you accept their offer, then all you need to do is send in your phone and you will get money to use at the store. That’s right - it’s a great option for people who happen to shop at Walmart frequently, since you will be receiving a gift card to use in store. It’s also super easy and convenient because Walmart does all the hard work, and all you need to do is send it in!

Best Buy Trade-In

Similarly to Walmart, Best Buy offers a trade in program in exchange for store credit, as well. There’s a major difference here, though: You must have purchased it at Best Buy, and you need to show them a receipt. This can be tough since most people don’t hold onto receipts for that long, but still a great option to be able to buy a new phone from them at a better price. What’s more is they don’t accept all types of phones, so you will need to bring it in store for them to check out. It’s not a great option for businesses looking to get rid of a large amount of inventory, but great for consumers looking to upgrade their current device.

Best Places to Sell Your iPhone Online

Want to find a better deal than some of the in-person options? Selling privately over the internet can help you get top dollar for your phone.

Everyone knows and loves eBay, and it is a great option for people looking to sell their phones. When you make a listing, you’re able to vet potential buyers by their reviews. You don’t need to meet anyone in person like on Craigslist, and everything is done securely on their platform. You’ll have a large audience to be able to sell your phone in front of, but there’s a little bit extra legwork involved as opposed to in-store options. You’ll need to chat with potential buyers who can easily change their mind, and also make a trip to the UPS store to ship your item.

Swappa is a great, friendly marketplace to sell your new or used gadgets. It works very similarly to eBay, but it charges you much less fees. If you’re okay with waiting a little longer to sell your phone, this can be a great option to maximize your return.

Let us know!

Where have you bought and sold iPhone and Androids online? Do you prefer trade-in programs? Let us know in the comments below!

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