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May 18, 2022

Ebay Partners with Phonecheck as Preferred Provider of Mobile Device Certification

There are a lot of reasons to buy a refurbished phone and even more options where you can buy a used phone. But now, thanks to a new partnership between Phonecheck and eBay, you can shop eBay Refurbished phones with confidence that whatever you buy, it will be a certified pre-owned phone. Phonecheck, the most trusted used mobile device certification provider, and eBay, a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets around the world, recently partnered to bring more trust and transparency to the pre-owned mobile device market for buyers and sellers in the marketplace. Phonecheck will now be the first provider of used mobile device certification for one of the largest pre-owned device marketplaces in the world. 

Certified Pre Owned Phones

Whether you’re buying a used iOS or Android device on eBay, just look for the Phonecheck Certified logo. This guarantees it’s a certified pre-owned phone that has been tested through Phonecheck’s rigorous 80-point diagnostic and certified data wipe process, accredited by the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA), to verify its operation, validity, and security. Each Phonecheck Certified refurbished phone comes with an exclusive Device History Report that provides details on its authenticity, ownership status, carrier information, repair history, and more. 

Ensuring Quality In a Used Phone

The used-device market on eBay has been expanding, but despite resellers’ best efforts to ensure standards for quality and authenticity, it can still be a challenge. And without guaranteed quality, the seller’s and the marketplace’s reputation can be impacted. That’s why companies like eBay turn to Phonecheck for its thorough enterprise diagnostics and ADISA-certified data wipe services to bring transparency to the buying process.

Benefits to the Buyer

For buyers, certified pre-owned phones with a Phonecheck report ensure what you see is what you get in a device. With the certification, they can make a fully informed decision about purchasing a used phone. Much like a Carfax used car report, Phonecheck’s Device History Report gives buyers complete device details based on its unique IMEI, including repair history, before they make the purchase.

Benefits to the Seller

For sellers, Phonecheck certification increases device resale value, so they can earn fairly more per sale as an authorized dealer of fully vetted, guaranteed devices. And Phonecheck’s all-in-one, device-agnostic, enterprise-grade solution is fast and fully integrated to ensure speed, accuracy and security for high-volume processing.

With the newly announced partnership, millions of people can now have full confidence in the eBay Refurbished phone they choose thanks to Phonecheck Certification.

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