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February 18, 2022

Where to Buy a Used Cell Phone

​​When it’s time for a “new” phone, whether you need an upgrade or you’re buying for the first time for a child or other loved one, you can get hit with sticker shock when looking at pricing for new phones. You may think you can save big by purchasing an older series of some of the most popular models, but you’ll soon find out that even older models can break the bank if you’re in the market for a brand new phone. You’ll probably be ready to start investigating where to buy a used phone after seeing the price tags on new phones. But where can you buy a used phone without overpaying or getting a bad phone?


In this blog, we’ll cover where to buy used phones for individual users. If you’re interested in purchasing wholesale phones for a business, be sure to check out “Where Can I Purchase Wholesale Mobile Phones”.

Before You Buy a Used Phone

What do you need to consider before you buy a used phone? Our “Top 3 Questions to Ask When Considering a Refurbished Phone” article can help you do your due diligence when purchasing a used or refurbished phone.

To ensure the used phone you want to purchase is in tip-top shape, insist that your seller show you a Phonecheck certification for the device or ask for the IMEI number so you can get your own certification. This certification provides vital information, like if the phone has its original parts and if it’s locked, stolen, or hacked. When you’re shopping around, you can even search for sellers with Phonecheck certified phones. 

What Are the Best Places to Buy Used Cell Phones?

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a relative or friend who’s willing to sell you a gently used phone at a great price (or even give it to you for free), here are some of the best places to buy used cell phones.


1. Online technology companies

2. E-commerce sites and local sellers

3. Manufacturers and carriers

Purchasing a Used Cell Phone through a Technology Website

There are a lot of sites that deal exclusively with used and refurbished technology, including used phones. Some buy phones and sell them to consumers while others allow individuals to sell their used phones. Here are a few recommended sites that guarantee quality and fair prices.

Buying a Used Cell Phone from E-commerce Sites and Local Sellers

In addition to sites that primarily buy and sell technology, you can also look into e-commerce sites like Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist when deciding where to buy a used phone. These choices have varying degrees of quality and security.

Purchasing a Used Phone from Manufacturers and Carriers

Most carriers sell used phones. Carriers often include a limited warranty and you can rest assured you’re not purchasing a stolen phone. Another place to look is manufacturers like Apple. Apple offers a Certified Refurbished Store that includes a 12-month warranty.

There are a lot of great options for finding a quality, well-priced used cell phone. Just be sure to do your research on any phone you’re buying. You can run a mobile diagnostic test and check the IMEI number on the phone you want to purchase to help ensure its quality.

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