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July 20, 2021

Why Buy A Refurbished Phone

Wanting a newer model smartphone but don't have $1000 dollars laying around? You're not alone. 

Many people rush out and buy the newest model as soon as it's released, often having to turn in their older model to get a discount. This is where you can take advantage and purchase that slightly older model for a fraction of the cost of what the same model would cost you if it was brand new.

Tip: Check for previous generation refurbished phones in the days following a new model release. The value of the phone you want will be going down and the people who already own it will want to get rid of it sooner rather than later. Check out this article for a list of upcoming new releases that will help you determine which older models to check out.

There are many reasons why people buy refurbished phones, but the biggest is to save money. A refurbished phone can cost pennies on the dollar compared to a brand new model. If you don't have a phone plan or you do but you want to upgrade before it's time with your carrier, finding a refurbished phone is a great option that will save you money.

We also know that accidents happen, maybe your phone took a swim or met its demise via a fall on the pavement. Whatever your reason for needing a new phone, there are many different sites you can visit to find a refurbished phone. Amazon, the Apple Store, Consumer Cellular, and eBay are all good options.

If you are buying a used or refurbished phone privately, it's important to do your due diligence when it comes to making sure that the phone you are buying is in the best possible condition and is worth the money. Phonecheck offers a great option, for both buyers and sellers of refurbished phones, to make sure the phone you are buying (or selling) is in proper working order.

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