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June 17, 2019

How to Run Mobile Diagnostics Tests on a Smartphone

All About How to Run Mobile Diagnostics Tests

As phones start to show age, it is very important to start getting into the habit of running mobile diagnostics tests. This is even more important for people who buy and sell used cell phones.Sometimes, our cell phones start to slow down or act funky. People either can’t figure out what is wrong with them or they don’t have the patience, so they get a new one. Luckily for the mobile phone industry, some of these problems are fairly easy to fix. This is how many mobile phone businesses are able to be successful - by buying used phones for cheap, fixing them up and selling them for a profit. The only issue? How to find out exactly what is wrong with the phone so you can fix it and get the most value out of the phone as possible. Luckily, there are many ways to run mobile diagnostics tests to find out what the culprit is.

How to Run Mobile Diagnostics Test on iPhone

Customer Service

  1. Call Apple customer service or head over to your local Genius Bar.
  2. If you are running iOS 10, you’ll have to visit an Apple store to test your phone hardware, calling in is not an option. iOS 10 users need to access with a Genius’ (Apple tech support) help.
  3. Type diagnostics:// into Safari on your iPhone.
  4. The customer representative will give you a service ticket number that you’ll type into the appropriate box on your phone.
  5. Troubleshooting your own phone hardware isn’t difficult if you’re in the know about the proper tools, so once the screen gives you the issues you can take it from there

Remote Testing

You can also do remote mobile testing on your iPhone, which is a great option for someone who is looking to purchase an iPhone over the internet. You can see all it’s issues before you make the purchase, and you can possibly use your findings to negotiate the price down.All you need is the device’s IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity – AKA your phone’s social security number. Each IMEI is a unique 15-digit number that allows smartphones to access cell phone networks and can give you the complete history of that device, including whether or not it has been stolen or refurbished previously. If it has been refurbished, you can see exactly what has been done to it. This could show you what problems it has a history of, and give you a good starting point.[caption id="attachment_2644" align="alignnone" width="1024"]

How to Run Mobile Diagnostics Tests on a Smartphone

How to Run Mobile Diagnostics Tests on a Smartphone[/caption]

How to Run Mobile Diagnostics Test on Android

We’ve got a surprise for you: there is a secret phone diagnostic menu hidden in your Android. The secret menu is hidden in the operating system, not seen in your smartphone’s standard menu section. If you want full phone diagnostic testing potential, open your dialer and type in this secret technician code:* # * # 4 6 3 6 # * # *Once the last * is typed, your Android will automatically send you into the hidden phone diagnostic menu. Here’s what you’ll find:

Run Mobile Diagnostics Test Using Software

Finding out exactly what might be wrong with your Android or your iPhone can be a bit of a treasure hunt. This can prove to be very time consuming for many mobile phone businesses, especially when buying in bulk. It also can cause a lot of uncertainty for the buyer, since untrained eyes are not often able to figure out what to look for when purchasing a new smartphone. Luckily, there is an easy solution for both sides.PhoneCheck’s mobile diagnostics software will test 60+ points throughout the phone in under 2 minutes. It checks everything imaginable, including:

Once the mobile diagnostics testing has completed, the software will print out a certificate to keep with the phone. This way, you know exactly what you may or may not need to fix - and the buyer will know exactly what they are getting. It’s a win-win!

Let Us Know!

Do you run mobile diagnostics on your inventory to maximize your profits? Let us know in the comments below!

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