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How to Run an iPhone Diagnostic Test

Let’s say you have an iPhone and want to see why it’s experiencing performance problems. Or maybe you want to buy a used iPhone and see if there are any problems to know about. Or perhaps as a reseller, you want to make sure the phone you’re selling is in optimum condition to maximize the price for the iPhone and minimize returns and future repair problems. There are many reasons to run a complete phone hardware diagnostic test. Ultimately, these tests let you know how well the device operates and what problems need to be addressed.

This article will show you how you can successfully run diagnostic tests for iPhones to discover the health of your phone stock. 

Here’s how to run an iPhone diagnostic test

Like all Apple products — whether it’s your Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch — iPhones tend to be closed devices. You might have detailed information about battery health, performance, and history — but that’s about it. It doesn’t have the kind of diagnostic tools you’ll find on some Android phones. 

With certain Android devices, you can dial in codes in the phone’s app dialer — such as *#0*# and *#*#4636#*#* — to access a hidden diagnostic menu or usage information menu. You can also dial *#*#0*#*#* to test the LCD screen or  *#*#2664#*#* for a touch-screen test.

However, you either need a third-party app, remote help, or extensive Apple Customer Support assistance for an iPhone. Let’s review the different ways to run an iPhone hardware test.

Call Apple customer support 

Apple has a team of educated technical support for its customers, so many iPhone users like to start there when they have problems with their devices. To get device support from an Apple technician, follow these steps:

Remote testing 

You can also do remote mobile testing with your iPhone. You don’t need the phone itself for this testing; just its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. The IMEI is a unique 15-digit number that enables your phone to access cell phone networks. It can also provide you with the complete history of the iPhone, including whether it has ever been stolen or previously  refurbished.

Get a diagnostic testing app 

Another way to find out about the condition of your device is to run a third-party testing phone app. You have various choices, and some may include insurance, trade-in, and repair shop location features. Instead of relying on guesswork to find out what is wrong with your phone, these diagnostic testing apps can scan your device to find out what needs to be fixed or point you in the right direction to find a solution.

Diagnostics software from Phonecheck 

Phonecheck provides one of the most comprehensive diagnostic solutions on the market. Consumers can avoid costly hidden problems by purchasing a history report for about the cost of a cup of coffee. 

This service provides an easy way for used phone resellers to do full tests on high volumes of devices, ensuring they are in optimum working condition. The Phonecheck software will scan phones for dozens of test points in less than two minutes, providing notifications about the iPhone hardware test, signal strength test (for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cell signal), microphone functionality, speakers, and more.

You can print out a certification to go with the phone at the end of a test, giving your customers buying confidence. Check out Phonecheck’s complete device processing solution as the best way to build trust between buyers and sellers in the secondary market. 

Why should you run a phone diagnostics test?

Running a reliable diagnostics test on an iPhone is important to build trust and transparency between the buyer and seller. Without hidden defects, a phone can be bought and sold with confidence

You are buying or selling an iPhone 

As an iPhone reseller, it’s important to run a realistic diagnostics test to ensure the devices you buy and sell are running optimally. A diagnostic report can help you make necessary repairs, command the best prices, and provide customers with the peace of mind that comes through a device certified in good working order. Doing this before buying or selling an iPhone strengthens the relationship between buyer and seller.

With a diagnostic test, you can identify what’s wrong with the phone, so you can repair it or let the customer know about the defect so they can buy with their eyes wide open. A test can also reveal if there is sensitive personal information still left on the phone that needs to be wiped clean for security’s sake.

Know the value of your phone 

A diagnostic scan of an iPhone will give you a complete picture of the state of the device. This means you can price it in a way that commands optimal value. By staying on top of the phone’s condition, you can keep it in good shape for later resale value, providing insurance and protecting the phone's value. 

What can you learn from running an iPhone diagnostic test?

Just some of the things you get running a Phonecheck diagnostics test include:

Get quick and easy iPhone diagnostic software with Phonecheck

The bottom line is, you shouldn’t buy or sell a used iPhone without a Phonecheck Certified History Report. As a reseller, you can ask for a free demo to see how you can build stronger customer relationships, and better profits, with our proven diagnostic solution. 

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