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April 16, 2024

How to Run an iPhone Diagnostic Test

What happens when your trusty iPhone starts acting up?  Before resorting to a full reset or a visit to the repair shop, consider running an iPhone diagnostic test. These tests can help identify potential issues, allowing you to troubleshoot problems and ensure your iPhone remains in top shape.

For those using Android devices, check out our companion guide on "A Comprehensive Guide to Android Secret Codes" to learn about troubleshooting options for your device.

Understanding iPhone Diagnostic Tests

Apple doesn't offer a dedicated "iPhone diagnostic test" app. However, there are a few ways to gather valuable diagnostic information about your device's health. Here are the main methods:

Running a Basic Battery Health Check

  1. Navigate to  Settings > Battery.
  2. Under Battery Health, you'll see the Maximum Capacity of your battery. A percentage lower than 80% might indicate potential battery degradation.
  3. Tap on Battery Health for additional insights. This section displays information about your battery's ability to deliver peak performance and can recommend if service is needed.

Monitoring Performance with Activity Monitor

  1. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements.
  2. Tap on Share iPhone Analytics.
  3. Open the Settings app again and navigate to Battery.
  4. The Battery Level graph at the top displays a breakdown of battery usage by app in the last 24 hours or 10 days. You can identify apps that are consuming a significant amount of battery life.

Running Apple Support Diagnostics (iOS 17 and Above)

Important Note: This feature is currently available only on devices running iOS 17 or later.

  1. Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and has sufficient battery life.
  2. On your computer, navigate to this website
  3. Enter your iPhone's serial number (found in Settings > General > About).
  4. You'll receive a six-digit code on your iPhone. Enter this code on your computer.
  5. Select iPhone from the list of devices and choose the type of diagnostic test you want to run (e.g., Mobile Resource Inspector, Audio Output).
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the diagnostic test. The results will be displayed on your computer screen.

What to Do After Running Diagnostics

The results of your tests will provide valuable insights into your iPhone's health. Here's what you can do based on the results:

Additional Tips for Maintaining iPhone Health

By staying updated on iPhone diagnostic tests and software, you can ensure your phone remains reliable for years to come.

Beyond iPhone Diagnostic Tests

While iPhone diagnostic tests can provide valuable insights, they might not always pinpoint the exact issue. Here are some additional resources you can explore:

Taking proactive steps to maintain your iPhone's health can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. You can ensure your iPhone performs at its peak by using iPhone diagnostic tests and leveraging available resources. By keeping your iPhone healthy and functioning optimally, you can maximize its lifespan and get the most out of your Apple experience.

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