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March 29, 2018

How to Check an IMEI Number on iPhones

What’s an IMEI number, and why does it matter? Every smartphone has an IMEI number, but not everyone knows why it’s important, or what it does. Simply put, an IMEI number is a serial number that confirms information such as phone ownership. If you know your phone’s IMEI number, you can identify it in a pinch if it’s lost or stolen, or you can double-check a future purchase and make sure you don’t end up with stolen goods.Luckily, it’s easy to find your phone’s IMEI number. The process is a little different depending on the manufacturer of the phone. For iPhones, here’s the process:

What is IMEI?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Every modern mobile phone in the world has an IMEI number, which allows for the phone to be uniquely identified from all the others like it. The primary reason why someone would need to identify a phone this way is to confirm ownership. There are two situations where the ability to do this can be extremely handy:

  1. You are considering buying a used mobile phone and want to check it to make sure that it has not been stolen.
  2. Your phone has been stolen and you are trying to check a mobile phone that you think may be yours.

If an IMEI comes back as blacklisted, that means that it has been stolen, hacked, or not paid off. This valuable information can save you from making a bad purchase.

Checking IMEI on an iPhone

There are several simple ways to check the IMEI number on an Apple iPhone. Choose any of the following methods the next time you need to do so:Use the Settings Menu

Use the Phone App

Look for the IMEI Displayed on the Phone Itself

When Should I Look Up My Phone’s IMEI?

iPhone owners are generally advised to look up their IMEI numbers as soon as they purchase new iPhones, and then write down this information in a physical location (such as a notebook). If your iPhone is ever stolen and you have done this, you will then be able to include the IMEI number with your police report and increase the chances of having your device recovered.If you are considering buying a used phone, you can also check the IMEI and cross-reference it with a list of reported IMEI numbers from stolen phones. Services such as PhoneCheck can assist you with this, as well as offer testing for the phone to ensure that it is virus-free and operating properly.Smartphone protection is an important responsibility for owners, and precautions should always be taken when setting out to purchase a new device. Make sure to stay familiar with the methods listed above, and use them whenever you need to look up the IMEI number on an iPhone.

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