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September 8, 2017

The Best Tools for iPhone Diagnostics

In today’s plugged-in, tech-heavy world, almost everyone has a smartphone, and the iPhone is easily one of the most popular options. We’re now more tied in than ever before, and many people find the idea of living without their phones unimaginable.But, how do we know if it’s running correctly? We need a way to check it. The following information will show you what an iPhone diagnostic tool does, and why you need one. We’ve even included some diagnostic tools that we think are the best.

What Does an iPhone Diagnostic Do?

We all want to make sure that our device works correctly, and an iPhone diagnostic app can help. But, what does it do? Well, there are different methods for testing phones, and they vary by manufacturer and operating system. But, at their most basic, they test smartphone functions, and check to see if there are any problems.There are several things that can be checked. For instance, bluetooth testing ensures that your phone can “send and receive requests to ‘pair’ with another device.” If your bluetooth fails, you won’t be able to connect to wireless devices such as an earpiece or selfie-stick.Another test involves your accelerometer. You may not have known your phone had one, but you use it all the time when your phone display goes from vertical to horizontal. A bad accelerometer won’t let you go back-and-forth or will do so on it’s own sporadically.A good diagnostic app will also test proximity. Proximity sensors can tell when the phone is near your face. When you use the phone, the screen goes dark, and buttons stop working to allow you to talk without pushing them. If the sensor goes bad, you could wind up pressing buttons or dropping the call. The diagnostic tool can help you prevent that from happening.

iphone diagnostic

10.3 Diagnostic

If you have a newer iPhone, your settings will be a little different. As of March 2017, according to a YouTube video from iDeviceHelp, the iOS 10.3 Beta 4 has its own ways to diagnose your phone. First, turn the power off. Then, as you hold the “volume up” and “home” buttons, plug in the lightning cable to a power source. This will allow you to use CheckerBoard, which is a new diagnostics system for Apple. Once you see the diagnostics screen, click on “Start Diagnostic”, and connect to a Wi-Fi network. If you are connected to The Apple Store, you will have additional options. If not, you will see a message telling you to visit their support site. After you’re finished, just click “Exit”, and you’re done. At that point, you should have the information you need about your phone.

Global Server Exchange (GSX)

You can also use Apple’s Global Server Exchange - or GSX - which has its own diagnostic tool. According to members of, it will allow you to check the battery, temperature, usage, and issues with software, apps, and memory. You can also use the iPhone Configuration Utility. It will allow you to check logs, and apply profiles.

PhoneCheck iPhone Diagnostic

Of course, if you’re serious about running an iPhone diagnostic or if you need to check multiple phones at once, then there’s no better tool than PhoneCheck. Our iPhone diagnostic tool is the most comprehensive in the industry, covering 60 different possible defects. When you’ve run a diagnostic with PhoneCheck, you can be confident that your phone is working at its peak!Having an iPhone is a great tool that’s become indispensible in the modern world. However, when it doesn’t run correctly, you could have problems. Using diagnostic tools will allow you to see every possible issue your device experiences. Knowing this information will allow you to make any necessary repairs to get your device running as good as new.

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