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March 1, 2023

How to Check Apple Diagnostics on an iPhone

According to Statista, more than 48 percent of smartphone users own an iPhone. As tech has advanced, phones evolved beyond the simplistic task of making a call. These smart devices allow users to watch videos, listen to music, and send messages. When this device fails for any reason, life is interrupted beyond communication complications.

For iPhone users, a stalled screen, slow loading apps and a battery that runs hot all could signal a larger issue. Is there a virus? Is an app just glitching? Is the battery about to fail? Here’s how to check Apple diagnostics on an iPhone:

Apple Diagnostics: Check iPhone at the Apple Store

There are a number of reasons why an iPhone could be exhibiting issues. The battery could be older or simply near the end of its life. The phone could be infected with malware or a virus. Some apps could have glitches that impact the phone’s processes.

One of the easiest ways to check the diagnostics of the iPhone is to make an appointment at a local Apple Store location. At the store, a team member will be able to assess all the internal mechanics of the phone, including the battery, speakers, SIM card, etc.

While the process could be quick, it also might be a bit more involved. Stores get busy, and with so many iPhone owners the stores typically require an appointment to diagnose any issues. Owners also might need to leave their phone for more detailed analytics.

If the phone was submerged in water, communicate this to a team member. Water damage could result in permanent damage and a phone might be irreparable. If owners think they can avoid disclosing water damage, it’s fairly impossible to hide once the phone is examined. Phones also have indicators that show water damage. Be up front about what happened because that damage might not lead to the death of the phone (especially if the owner used rice or another drying method).

Diagnostics could reveal that the phone needs new parts or even a new battery. Apple’s team members will provide cost estimates related to any parts and repairs; however, it’s possible that an issue could be covered under the phone’s warranty. Keep in mind, though, water damage isn’t covered.

Apple Diagnostics

Call Tech Support to Handle Diagnostics at Home

The iPhone might be working but it’s loading slowly and/or running hotter than normal. Tech support can provide over-the-phone diagnostics and help.

To reach out to Apple’s tech support via phone, call 800-275-2273. Tech support also is available online. iPhone owners can visit and choose to request help online.

If the issue is fairly simple, tech support should be able to find a resolution over the phone or online. However, tech support could discover that the iPhone has more complicated diagnostic issues and recommend that owners bring the phone into an Apple Store.

Reach Out to the Service Provider for Apple Diagnostics

The Apple Stores become busy on the weekends or even during the week. iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones, and the popularity of the company’s numerous other devices and products (Apple Watch, computers, laptops, iPads, etc.) lead to stores crowded and crammed with consumers who need help troubleshooting their devices or who simply want to shop for a new gadget.

If there are no available appointments at the local Apple Store and tech support (online or via phone) can’t solve the issue, iPhone owners could visit a branded store from their service provider (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.). Many consumers purchase their phones through their provider, and these stores can run diagnostic checks and help facilitate phone repairs, too.

While these stores also could be crowded during weekends, they might be a bit less harried than the popular Apple Stores.

Are Diagnostic Tools Available on the iPhone?

Some, although not all, iPhones offer an option that lets owners check the diagnostics of their phone. According to the site MakeUseOf, the diagnostics tool can be found by tapping on the Settings icon. In Settings, the site instructs owners to choose Analytics & Support. Under this section there will be an option to Start Diagnostic Report with Apple Support.

Again, not all iPhones offer the diagnostic report option. If the model doesn’t provide the option, owners will need to reach out to tech support online or via phone or visit an Apple Store.

Businesses Can Use Phonecheck

For businesses who might be selling a phone and that need to ensure that the phone is in good working condition, use Phonecheck to run a full diagnostics report on the phone. Phonecheck will scan every component of the phone to reveal any possible issues. In addition, Phonecheck also can check the battery health and authenticate a device, too.

Common Problems with an iPhone and Simple Solutions to Fix Them

Not all issues with an iPhone need a professional opinion or require a diagnostic scan. Sometimes the phone slows down or even locks up. Other times, the phone might start to feel incredibly hot. Here are some common iPhone problems:

Why is the Phone Hot (or Overheating)?

The phone suddenly feels warmer to the touch. What is happening, and why is the phone suddenly feeling so warm? There are many reasons that cause an iPhone to run hot or to overheat, and many of these issues are fixable.

If the phone has been exposed to the sun, it can absorb the heat and overheat. This causes the phone to shut down. Don’t try to turn the phone back on. Instead, place the phone in a shady area to help it cool down. Placing the hot phone in the freezer could be a quick solution, but owners also could forget their phone and cause more issues.

Once a phone cools down, it can safely restart again. During hot days, keep the phone someplace cooler or shut it off while at the beach or pool.

Phones also can overheat if they are overused. If the owner has been gaming all day, this causes stress on the phone and it can overheat. Exit out of apps or the camera and give the phone some recovery time.

In addition, viruses or malware can lead to a phone overheating. Never click on links in questionable emails and only download apps from reputable stores (like the App Store). If a phone is infected with a virus or malware, owners might need to schedule an appointment at an Apple Store.

The Screen Has Locked and It’s Not Responding

Running a glitching app could cause the phone to lock down or another error might cause this issue, too. Owners might see a black screen or they might not be able to open any apps.

When nothing seems to work, an easy solution is to do a hard shutdown. Apple calls this a ‘forced restart.’ The process for this can be different for each generation of the iPhone. However, Apple explains that a ‘forced restart’ can be accomplished by maneuvering the volume up and volume down button while depressing and holding the side button.

The owner should see the Apple logo appear on the screen. This means that the phone has restarted. Ideally, the issue should be resolved.

Why is an App Running Slowly?

Tech isn’t always perfect. Sometimes an app is redesigned or updated and these changes cause it to run slowly. The app could have a glitch or an issue, too.

If an app is running slowly or seems to be impacting the phone in other ways, close out the app. If the problem is happening often, it might be time to delete the app permanently.

The Fingerprint ID Doesn’t Work

The fingerprint ID option on iPhones can be used in place of the standard pass code. Since every individual’s fingerprint is unique, choosing this access feature provides additional security for the iPhone. Unfortunately, though, the fingerprint ID could cause issues for some people.

When an iPhone user chooses the fingerprint option to secure their phone, they will be instructed to put their finger on the main button. The phone will capture their fingerprint, but the process isn’t always perfect. If the individual doesn’t follow all the instructions, the phone might not collect accurate data and this could lead to the phone not identifying the individual’s fingerprint when they try to access their phone.

Typically, though, iPhones allow the user to enter their pass code to access their phone when the fingerprint fails. However, when choosing the fingerprint option, it’s important for users to follow the instructions perfectly to ensure their fingerprint is accurately captured.

Apple Diagnostics

Getting the iPhone Properly Diagnosed

When an iPhone is exhibiting issues—running hot, locking up, loading slowly or not working—there are many options for diagnosing the problem and troubleshooting the device. The Apple Store could be the best resource for more complicated issues. Apple’s tech support also is available to help iPhone owners via phone or online. Some iPhones also have a built-in diagnostics tool. If the Apple Store is too busy, iPhone owners also could choose to visit a store associated with their cell phone carrier. Some owners could discover that the issue was a simple fix or that the problem was even covered by a warranty. However, some problems are complicated and lead to repair costs or the need to replace the phone.

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