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May 26, 2017

What Happens to Your Smartphone When it Overheats?

Sometimes smartphones overheat. It’s natural for mobile devices to warm up during use, especially if they’re on for long periods of time. But when smartphones overheat, they could potentially become damaged.Overheating affects your phone’s performance, and can eventually lead to owning an expensive paperweight.While not overly common, overheating phones have been in the news recently. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 incident reminded the public that overheating phones can have real consequences.So why do smartphones overheat and what damage does it do to your phone? We’re answering that and more while we explain exactly what happens when your smartphone overheats.

Why Do Smartphones Overheat?

Most System on Chip (SoC) devices are optimized to mitigate the damaging effects of overheating. They’re actually designed to handle the intense temperatures your smartphone reaches.The chip slows operating speeds to reduce temperatures and save your phone from damage. However, this is also the first sign your phone is overheating. Next comes a display warning and a mandatory shut down.Frequent overheating can be caused by . . .

How Does Overheating Damage Your Smartphone?

When your smartphone overheats, it can do serious damage that isn’t visible to the eye. The two main areas affected by overheating are the battery and SoC.


Lithium-ion batteries are the best rechargeable batteries on the market. However, powerful tech often comes with drawbacks. When it comes to overheating, these batteries have two main issues.The first is that lithium-ion batteries age. In fact, they’ll degrade even when not in use. Your battery will operate well for a few years, but as it degrades, your smartphone experiences higher temperatures.The second problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they’re sensitive to heat. If your phone is poolside on a warm summer day, you could damage your phone unknowingly. Temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius put your phone at risk.Every time your battery is exposed to overheating, it speeds up the aging process. This is evident when you begin to notice your battery charge isn’t lasting as long as it was before.

System on Chip (SOC)

While there are fail-safes in place to avoid smartphone overheating, if your SoC overheats too many times the chip will be permanently damaged. This slows down your entire smartphone.Using poor Wifi connections and excessive Bluetooth can cause your phone to heat up, and in some cases, overheat. Binge watching Netflix and playing mobile games can also cause your phone to overheat, thus damaging your SoC.

Give Your Smartphones a Checkup

If your phone is slower than usual, or your battery seems like it’s failing, it’s time to run a mobile diagnostic test. This is absolutely vital for used phone resellers and retailers.A quick diagnostic test can tell you if your devices have succumbed to heat damage. From battery life to overall functionality, this powerful solution ensures that your products are of the highest operating quality.

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