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March 4, 2019

Why Your Phone Is Running Slow And How To Speed It Up

Is Your Phone Running Slow?

Trying to get the answer to the age-old question: “Why is my phone running so slow?” can be super frustrating. There’s nothing worse than a slow, lagging phone. You’re texting and the letters populate a couple of seconds later, apps won’t load as quick and it takes seemingly forever to do things that used to only take a second. Sometimes apps won’t even load at all, touchscreens won’t work and it’s starting to seem like your phone is turning into a huge brick.Before you go spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on a new phone or spending money for someone else to fix it, take a second to do some diagnostics. Chances are, there is an easy fix to your phone running slow, and you’ll be back up and running in no time. If you’re trying to figure out how to speed up your phone, we’ve rounded up a few tried-and-true remedies for you to try!

Figure Out Why

The first step in speeding up your phone is to figure out why it is running so slow in the first place. You can do this by testing the speed of your phone, measuring the battery health and checking the apps that use the most memory. Seeing what is causing the issue will make it easy for you to fix, and luckily our phones make it easy for us to do this.

Test The Speed

If you have a sneaking suspicion that your phone isn’t running as well as it used to, start testing your phone’s speed. There are lots of benchmark methods out there that you can try. Perhaps your internet provider isn’t giving the speeds it is promising, or there is an issue with download and upload speeds.

Measure Battery Health

Sure, your phone might have 100% battery, or close to it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your phone’s battery is healthy. Battery health and battery life are two totally separate things, so it is important that you measure the health of your smartphone battery to see if there are any issues Battery health can impact your phone’s performance and speed, so check this first.If your phone does end up having battery health issues, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go run and get a new battery, either. There are some simply ways you can fix battery problems, especially with iPhones.

Check Your Phone’s Usage

We all love our apps, and sometimes our phones are crowded with pages and pages of them. While apps are a great way to make life easy, they can make life tough on the performance of your phone. This is especially true for free apps that depend on ads to run since your phone is constantly searching for new ads to serve you. An easy way to see if your phone is in overdrive with apps is to check the usage in the Settings.

Why Your Phone Is Running Slow And How To Speed It Up

Ways To Speed Up Phone

Now that you’ve figured out what is making your phone run slow, it’s time to fix it! There are tons of simple ways to speed up your phone that you can try right now.

Free Some Space

Possibly the easiest way to speed up your phone is to free up some space. In your Settings app, you can see a full list of exactly what your phone has open and is taking up the most space to run. They are in ascending order from greatest to least, so pay close attention to your top five.It doesn’t necessarily need to be apps, either. It can be your messages or music, as well. Before you go delete-crazy on your phone, make sure you do a backup just in case you want to save anything, or accidentally delete anything important that you might want eventually back.

Delete Widgets

If you have an Android, make sure you delete some widgets. They aren’t as popular as they used to be, however, you still may have some lurking around on your phone. They can be fun and useful, however, they do tend to take up a lot of your phone’s energy. If you can live without them for now while you’re diagnosing your phone, get rid of them.

Disable Animations

Another way you can speed up your phone is by disabling animations. Animations look great and are a fun addition, however, they can take up a lot of resources on your phone. This can include the tilt-view feature on the iPhone or the animations on startup. You can tweak animations or disable them completely.

Update Software

If your phone is running slow, another reason may be that the software isn’t up to date. One of the many reasons there are software updates served to us is to fix speed issues. Check your Settings app to see if there are any available updates, and let your phone do its thing.

Factory Reset

If all else fails, you can try a factory reset. This will quite literally get your phone reset back to factory settings, just as if you took it out of the box. Make sure you do a backup of your phone before you perform this since you will lose absolutely everything on your phone.If you are a used phone retailer and constantly get bombarded with slow phones coming in and out of your door that you need to sell, it might be time for a better option than manual diagnostics and resets. PhoneCheck’s 60+ point diagnostic software will check all aspects of your phone, perform data erasures and print out a certificate with all diagnostics in under 2 minutes.

Let Us Know!

How have you been able to speed up your phone? Did any of these methods work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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