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Phonecheck Gains Recognition in Japan's Reuse Business Journal

March 11, 2024

Phonecheck is honored to have been spotlighted in Reuse Business Journal, a prestigious Japanese mobile resale trade publication. This acknowledgment highlights Phonecheck's influential role in enhancing the inspection and authentication processes for smartphones and other devices, propelling its expansion into the Japanese market. With its services embraced by over 1,000 mobile operators worldwide, Phonecheck's collaborations with top marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Backmarket, and Swappa underscore its global impact and the trust it has garnered in the resale industry.

The company's advanced system enables efficient inspections and data erasure in minutes, promoting a significant throughput of 35 to 45 units per hour per operator. As Phonecheck continues to solidify its presence in Japan, partnering with local companies like Belong of the ITOCHU Group, its commitment is further demonstrated through the localization of its website and recruitment of Japanese staff. This recognition in "The Reuse Business Journal" not only signifies Phonecheck's growing footprint in the Japanese market but also its pivotal role in advancing the sustainability and reliability of the global used mobile device market. For more details, the full article is available here.

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