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February 28, 2017

Why a PhoneCheck Certification Can Drive up the Value of Used Devices

PhoneCheck SM Mobile Certification can maximize value for all your used devices. The ability to buy and sell used phones on nearly every platform has created room for extra cash, or a steady stream of passive income. Here’s how to impact your profit.There is no doubt smart devices are becoming more innovative. With each new innovation comes a new product launch, leaving plenty of used devices to be bought and sold online.Did you know that 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone of some kind? “And for a number of Americans, smartphones serve as an essential connection to the broader world of online information,” suggests Pew Research Center.PhoneCheck, a leader in mobile diagnostics services, indicates the number of refurbished phones will surpass 300 million devices this year alone. So how do you set your used devices apart from the millions being sold online?An industry tactic that many savvy sellers are turning to is the PhoneCheck SM Mobile Certification. Their diagnostic services for used devices provide trusted products to the marketplace, thus maximizing value for sellers and buyers alike.Buying a used phone online comes with a number of challenges, and buyers want used devices without hassle. From hardware functionality to Apple ID locks, PhoneCheck is as innovative as the devices they guarantee and protect.


What Do Buyers Want When Buying Used Devices?

There are a variety of buyers online looking for used devices, and these used device buyers are savvy. The Internet is full of useful information to help buyers choose a device worth its price tag.One potential used device buyer could be someone wanting to steer clear of a lengthy mobile provider contract. “About one-fifth of Gazelle’s used phone customers were buying their first-ever smartphone often to avoid two-year contracts,” says Jack Linshi of Time.Another type of used device buyer are businesses looking to equip employees with mobile tools. This is a big market for sellers. Due to the growing need for extra mobile security measures, the days of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are just about over.“The biggest reason why businesses are wary of implementing a BYOD strategy is because it can potentially leave the company’s system vulnerable to data breaches,” explains want to ensure all software and hardware components are functioning at optimal levels. They want to know the ESN or IMEI is clean. And they most certainly want out of package battery life.


PhoneCheck Diagnostic Testing Sets the Industry Standard

PhoneCheck diagnostic testing is the premiere diagnostic tool for iOS and Android used devices. Have you thought about sensors? How about Bluetooth and GPS? It checks for more than 60 defects that go far beyond those aesthetic blemishes.Showing diagnostic proof of quality will give used device buyers the confidence to buy, regardless of cost. “Biggest point, make sure it meets the quality you are looking for, and not just the price,” says by Andrew Grush of Android Authority.They also serve as a third party diagnostic test that ensures buyers that your used devices are performing without issue and free of outside influence. Testing measures like these makes PhoneCheck the industry standard.

The features this diagnostic test optimizes are . . .

The two-minute full diagnostic workup is very easy to use as well. The technology behind smart devices is complex enough, and buyers don’t want to take the time to type in diagnostic codes and hope for the best. They simply want to buy a certified product and begin using it.


AppLoader Pro Software Takes Mobile Diagnostics Anywhere

AppLoader Pro software by PhoneCheck takes mobile diagnostics anywhere. This revolutionary software fuels the diagnostic and certification process.You can install AppLoader Pro on your PC and plugin up to 30 devices at the same time. This is a key feature if you are selling multiple used devices, or if you are a business looking to mobilize your workforce.

AppLoader Pro Software features include . . .

This shockingly affordable software maximizes diagnostic testing with low running power usage. It also offers the ease of use needed to effectively and efficiently test multiple used devices. This is a winning combination for any seller looking to maximize value.


Maximize Value with PhoneCheck SM Mobile Certification

Would you buy a used car without checking its CARFAX, or having a professional third party mechanic give it a once over? The same goes for used devices. Providing potential buyers with a PhoneCheck SM Certification gives them a reason to buy your used device.This is especially true for companies looking to buy quality used devices for their employees. They want to buy with confidence, and they are more likely to pay a premium rate if you can combine quality and confidence.PhoneCheck SM Certification lets both buyers and sellers know that the used device is in nothing less than 100 percent working condition. This trusted certification raises the value of your used devices and reduces returns.

PhoneCheck SM Certification includes tests on . . .

The diagnostic test can be customized to fit you or your company’s specific needs as well. This will make an impact on your bottom line by reducing personnel and training costs while eliminating human error from the diagnostic equation.If you want to maximize the value of your used devices and make them stand out among the millions of others online, a PhoneCheck SM Certification is essential. No other diagnostic test offers buyer and seller confidence like this.From the AppLoader Pro to the 60-defect checklist, this revolutionary software fills the gap left behind by the ever-growing tech industry. Remarketers of used devices both large and small can now offer 100 percent quality used devices with a hallmark of confidence buyers expect.

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