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April 21, 2023

This is the Best Phone-Wiping Software for Resellers

When a smartphone is traded-in or when the owner decides to sell it privately and upgrade to a newer model, reselling the phone isn’t feasible until and unless the previous owner’s data is removed from the device. The smartphone has become a necessary technology that accompanies owners everywhere and is an integral tool for most consumers; the phone holds contacts, conversations, music downloads and even financial information (via mobile wallets).

No one wants their information accessible to another individual, and leaving the wrong data behind could make the previous owner vulnerable to identity theft. What is the best phone-wiping software for resellers? Here’s why Phonecheck is the best software for data removal and phone-wiping.

iPhone Wiping Software: How Phonecheck Scrubs the iPhone

Phone resellers who need to erase data off of dozens (or more) iPhones can use Phonecheck to erase the previous owner’s data quickly and easily. Phonecheck can be installed on any PC or Mac, and the software offers a touch-free erasure and restoration process. All data is wiped, and the phone will be restored to the original factory settings.

In addition, Phonecheck also allows for the removal or erasure of Beta OS, jailbreak and mobile device management (MDM) programs. Resellers don’t have to worry about any old data, programs or questionable software. Phonecheck erases all that old data and resets the phone so it’s ready for a new owner.

Phonecheck is Compatible with Android Devices, Too

Resellers or current phone owners looking to sell their phone might not have an iPhone. Phonecheck is compatible with Android devices and can wipe data from Android phones and restore the device to the original factory settings.

Phonecheck offers a simple user interface, so even those who are new to reselling and have never had to wipe a phone can use it to erase data and prepare the phone for resale.

Phone-Wiping Software

Can Smartphones Self-Erase?

Smartphone users might wonder if they can erase their phone without using separate software. Can smartphones self-erase?

If an individual loses their iPhone, they can label the phone as lost via the Find My app. However, the device needs to be already configured to this app to label the phone as missing/lost. Find My also allows the owner to erase the data on the device remotely from another device connected to Find My.

iPhones also allow owners to use Find My to deploy the Activation Lock feature provided by Apple. When a device is marked as lost via Find My, the information is sent to Apple’s servers. The phone will display a custom message on the screen. Activation Lock ensures that no one else can use the device. Even if the owner erases the phone remotely, the screen will still display the message.

While iPhone data can be erased remotely using the Find My app, this isn’t really a feasible solution for those who are reselling phones. Plus, resellers will want assurance that every piece of the previous owner’s data has been removed.

Can Resellers Just Delete the Apps?

When a smartphone user downloads an app, the app collects data and probably drops cookies on the device, too. Removing the apps or deleting them from the phone manually might seem like an easy way to erase the device. Unfortunately, this approach probably won’t remove all the pertinent data from the phone.

Resellers need to ensure that any personal information from the previous owner has been completely removed. No cookie crumbs should remain.

Other Benefits of Phone-Wiping Software

Phone resellers and businesses want to ensure that every device is completely erased before reselling it, but software like Phonecheck also provides other safeguards to resellers, too.

Phonecheck also analyzes the phone for any repairs and determines if the parts are authentic to the manufacturer. This is important for resellers to understand, because inauthentic replacement parts could impact any existing warranty on the device. Phonecheck also runs a full diagnostic check on the phone to ensure that all capabilities are running normally. The software also checks the health of the battery.

With Phonecheck, resellers can review a full report on the device. In addition to the issue related to replacement parts, the report also reveals if the phone was lost/stolen, if the device has any outstanding balances due (related to payment plans or the carrier fees) and the date the phone was purchased, too. Some phones can be purchased unlocked and this allows the buyer to choose their career; Phonecheck also can assess if the phone is currently unlocked or if it’s associated with a carrier.

If the phone has been reported lost or stolen, the device’s IMEI number will be on a blacklist. The IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity; every cell phone has this number. When the phone is reported lost or stolen through Apple or another company, the IMEI number will be listed under a blacklist.

Cell phone carriers have access to various blacklists and Phonecheck also scans these lists to determine that a device isn’t among the IMEI numbers on these lists. A cell phone also could be on a blacklist if the owner was in arrears with the cell phone carrier.

Any phone on the blacklist cannot be connected to a cell carrier. This ensures that no one can use a lost or stolen (or in debt) device.

Phone-Wiping Software

What Buyers Need to Know

When resellers use Phonecheck, they can include the Phonecheck Device History Report with the phone. This lets buyers understand that the phone has been cleared and cleaned. Buying a phone with the Phonecheck report provides peace of mind.

When reviewing options for used, pre-owned or refurbished phones, buyers should research that the phone has been erased of previous data. In addition, sellers should be able to provide some type of report that the phone has been repaired/refurbished and that it isn’t on the blacklist.

Buying a phone through a reputable seller is important. Buyers can trust the Phonecheck report when they see it on a phone. In addition, Apple offers refurbished phones through their stores and websites. These phones have been repaired, cleaned and wiped by Apple; the company stands by all its refurbished products.

Buyers looking for a pre-owned or refurbished phone also could check out stores like Best Buy or the offerings at their cell phone carrier’s store locations. Prices may vary at all these stores.

In addition, sites like Swappa allow individuals to resell devices. Many pre-owned phones available via Swappa offer the Phonecheck report, too (buyers should look for the report). In addition, Phonecheck also is used by sellers on ebay, Back Market, and Amazon renewed.

Buyers who purchase a phone that doesn’t offer a device report might try to connect their new device only to realize that the carrier refuses to allow it on the network. The buyer might realize that the phone is on the blacklist. If this happens, buyers should reach out to the seller. They should offer a refund; a phone on the blacklist should not be offered for resale but some sellers just don’t realize the device is on this list.

What to Do with an Old Phone

Those who are purchasing a refurbished or pre-owned phone to save money might wonder what they can do with their older model phone. If an iPhone isn’t too old, it could be used as a trade-in via Apple. While a trade-in value could lower the price of a new phone, a trade-in value also could be placed on a gift card; individuals could use that money for another Apple product.

Older phones might be too out of date to be accepted as a trade-in. However, Apple can accept older iPhones for recycling. This is a sustainable option to help the phone have another life.

Phonecheck Checks These Devices, Too

iPhones and Android phones aren’t the only devices that Phonecheck can assess. Resellers also can use the software for iPads and even an Apple Watch. Android tablets and watches also could be compatible with the software, too.

Phonecheck will review tablets and watches for any issues related to replacement parts. The software also checks the battery and runs a full diagnostic check. If the device was reported lost or stolen, Phonecheck will note this in the report.

The Best Software to Wipe a Phone

When resellers need to ensure that a phone is fully wiped of the previous owner’s data, Phonecheck is the simplest and most effective software. Phonecheck can be installed on a PC or Mac; the interface is simple, and sellers simply just have to plug in the phone and run the program.

Phonecheck can erase all the data and restore the phone back to the original factory settings. When buyers are searching for used, pre-owned or refurbished smartphones, they can look for devices that offer the Phonecheck report. This report provides peace of mind and assures buyers that the phone has been properly assessed for any diagnostic issues, wiped of previous data, checked against the IMEI blacklists and is ready for the next new owner.

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