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August 15, 2022

How to Check An Android Phone Trade In Value

Only you can decide when it’s time to upgrade your current Android phone. Some people like to get the latest and greatest model as soon as it comes out, while others prefer to wait until there’s a new feature they want like a better camera, more storage, or longer battery life. When you do make the decision to change your Android phone, you will want to decide if you prefer to trade it in for an upgrade or sell it yourself. If you decide a trade in is right for you, it’s important to know what a good trade in value is for your Android cell phone and how the process works. 

What is Trade In Value?

Just like trading in a car to purchase another one, trading in a phone allows you to give a company your used phone in exchange for a certain amount off a new phone. Not only does it help save you money when purchasing a new phone, but it also helps the environment. Many companies recycle the old mobile phones to help reduce e-waste.

If you’re trading in your phone online, the company typically gives you an estimate and then provides a shipping label or prepaid box so you can send them the phone. Once the company receives the phone and sees the condition, they will give you a final value. If you trade in your Android in person, the process is much quicker.

Trade in value is different from resale value. If you decide to resell your cell phone, you can determine the resale value by checking out our blog How to Calculate the Resale Value of Your cell phone

What Affects Trade In Value

There are many factors companies use to determine the trade in value of a used cell phone. The age and model, demand for older models, cosmetic condition, and the storage size all affect how much a company will give you for a trade in value.

How Do I Trade In My Android?

Many companies that sell mobile phones also allow trade ins. This includes wireless carriers. Different companies have different ranges of Android models they’ll accept for trade ins. 

If you prefer to trade in your cell phone online, visit the website of the company you’re interested in purchasing from. Find the link for the trade in page and follow the prompts.  Generally you’ll receive an estimate and then you’ll need to send in your cell phone to receive a confirmed phone trade in value. 

Trading in your cell phone at a brick-and-mortar store is usually just as easy and even quicker than trading it in online. You’ll just take the device in, answer a few questions, have it inspected on site, and receive an instant credit. 


How Do I Check the Cell Phone Trade In Value?

Most websites have a link that tells you the estimated trade in value of your Android. Here are some of the more popular companies you can choose from.

Best Buy




Are Trade In Values Worth It?

Only you can decide if you’d rather trade in your used Android or sell it. While the value may not be as great as a resale, you’ll save yourself time and hassle. 

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