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December 12, 2023

If I Sell My Used Phone, How Much is an iPhone 11 Worth?

If you’re thinking about selling your iPhone 11, your first question is probably, "How much is my used iPhone 11 worth?" Fortunately, the resale market for smartphones is strong, and iOS-powered devices are always favorites in the resale world. All of Swappa’s top 10 best-selling phones in 2023 were Apple products. Multiple factors influence the value of any used mobile phone and will help you answer the question of how much is my iPhone 11 worth.

Factors Influencing the Value

Several factors contribute to the determination of your iPhone 11 worth. Let's explore these factors to provide you with a comprehensive understanding before you begin selling your used device.

  1. Condition of the Device

The physical condition of your iPhone 11 plays a crucial role in determining its worth. If your device is in pristine condition, without scratches, or other imperfections, it will have a higher resale value.

  1. Storage Capacity

iPhone 11 worth can also depend on the storage capacity of your phone. Generally, devices with larger storage capacities fetch higher prices in the secondhand market. iPhone 11 models come in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants, with the latter typically being more valuable.

  1. Unlocked or Carrier-Locked

There are advantages and disadvantages to unlocked phones [link to Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Unlocked Phones blog]. An unlocked iPhone, which can be used with any carrier, has a higher resale value than its carrier-locked counterparts. Unlocking your device before selling it can potentially attract a broader range of buyers.

  1. Original Accessories and Packaging

Including the original accessories, such as the charging cable, and even the box, can add value to your sale. Buyers often appreciate having the complete package when purchasing a used iPhone.

  1. Market Demand

The demand for a specific model in the market influences its resale value. As newer iPhone models are released, the demand for older models may decrease, affecting their worth. However, the iPhone 11, known for its reliability and performance, continues to hold value reasonably well.

Now that we've covered factors that contribute to iPhone 11 worth, learn how you can determine its value in the current market.

Steps to Determine an iPhone 11 Worth

  1. Evaluate the Condition — Carefully inspect your iPhone 11 for any physical damage. Note any scratches, dents, or screen imperfections. Be honest with yourself about the condition, as it directly impacts the resale value. If you have the original accessories and box, include them in your sale to make it more attractive to buyers.
  1. Check the Storage Capacity — Identify the storage capacity of your iPhone 11. You can find this information in the Settings app under General > [Device] Storage. Keep in mind that higher storage capacities typically result in higher resale values.
  1. Determine Carrier Lock Status — Check whether your iPhone is unlocked or tied to a specific carrier. If it's carrier-locked, contact your carrier to inquire about unlocking options, which can increase its resale value.
  1. Consider a Phonecheck Certification — Getting your used phone certified by Phonecheck can increase your listing price. Read more about why a Phonecheck certification can increase the value of your used devices.
  1. Research the Market — To determine the current market value, explore online platforms such as eBay, Gazelle, Swappa, and other reputable resale websites. Look for listings that match the condition and specifications of your iPhone 11.
  1. Get Quotes from Resale Platforms — Utilize online resale platforms that provide instant quotes for your device. Websites like Gazelle and Decluttr allow you to input details about your phone to receive an estimate of its value. These platforms allow you to find out your iPhone 11 worth.
  1. Consider Local Marketplaces — Explore local marketplaces such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or OfferUp. Selling locally may eliminate shipping hassles and allow for face-to-face transactions.

Selling your used iPhone 11 can be a rewarding experience if approached thoughtfully. By assessing factors that influence its worth and researching the current market, you can maximize the value of your device. Be transparent about the device's condition, include original accessories, and explore various resale platforms to find the best deal.

Whether you choose to sell through online platforms or locally, the key is to present your iPhone 11 accurately. Using these tips can make your listing more attractive to potential buyers. When you wonder “How much is an iPhone 11 worth?” take these steps to find out! Unlock the true value of your used iPhone 11 and put some extra cash in your pocket. Contribute to the lifecycle of technology by allowing someone else to enjoy a reliable and capable device.

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