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Guide to Straight Talk Refurbished Phones

Considering how expensive the best smartphones are today, buying a refurbished phone might allow you to enjoy the newest apps, features, and phone models at a discounted rate. This works out to be a win-win opportunity because, along with getting a great deal for your new cell phone, you’re also doing good for the environment by reducing waste.

Not sure what a refurbished phone is and whether it’s a wise choice to buy one? You’re in the right place. Through this article, we give you some tips and tricks to keep in mind before buying a refurbished phone. We will also tell you where and how you can get the best phone deal.

Used vs. refurbished: what you need to know

Refurbished phones are previously used phones that have been returned to the manufacturer or official seller. A lot of times, these mobile phones have no damage. The previous owner just chose to upgrade their phone from an old iPhone 6s to a new Apple iPhone XS Max, or they may have bought the Apple iPhone XR, but before opening the box, they realized they preferred the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The manufacturer then runs checks on the cell phone and repairs any damages before selling it at a discounted price as a ‘refurbished phone.’

These phones have as-good-as-new functionality but may have a scratch or two on the external body. Either way, it’s well worth it if you can get an Apple iPhone SE for the price of an iPhone 7 Plus.

Well, yes, refurbished phones are used phones, but they’re not the same thing.

When you’re buying a pre-owned phone, you’re buying the phone just as it was returned or sold by its previous user, without any repairs or checks. Of course, it is possible for such phones to also be in excellent working condition, but there’s no assurance of that.

On the other hand, a refurbished phone was sold by the previous user to the manufacturer or a certified reseller, where it was evaluated, repaired, and reconditioned by technicians before re-selling.

Ideally, you want to buy your refurbished phone from the manufacturer directly or from a trusted source, so you know that it's an unlocked phone that has been thoroughly checked. A refurbished phone should work and look like a new one, with optimal battery life and a good response time.

What to check for when buying a refurbished phone

When buying a refurbished iPhone or an Android phone, you might have a few questions: What if it’s not in good condition? What if it starts giving you problems in just a few weeks?

Well, here are some things you can check for when buying a refurbished phone to prevent yourself from entering into a bad deal.

  1. Ensure that there is an option to return. Before purchasing a refurbished phone, make sure your seller has a good return policy in case you're not happy with the phone. This way, you can get a refund or a replacement.
  2. Check if there is a warranty. Warranties are essential for refurbished phones, and you should make sure your seller provides at least a 90-day warranty. Again, this is non-negotiable because this warranty comes in handy if your phone starts acting up shortly after you buy it.
  3. Check for network locks. Most sellers make sure the refurbished phone is unlocked before selling it, but it's good to check for network locks like GSM locks and ensure carrier compatibility with prominent carriers like AT&T before purchase.
  4. Check for genuine accessories. Make sure the phone you buy comes with original accessories like the charger and earphones.
  5. Look into who refurbished the phone. Make sure the person or company who refurbished the phone is genuine and trustworthy. It’s a good idea to stick with the original manufacturers or other reputable vendors when buying refurbished phones.
  6. Read the fine print. Before making any major purchase, you should always read the fine print. The fine print will usually talk about the return policies, the warranty, and other details about the refurbishing.
  7. Ask for a Phonecheck history report. Phonecheck allows you to receive a complete device history report, which can be super helpful before buying a refurbished phone. This tool helps you check for carrier eligibility, device locks, and if the phone you’re about to buy was ever reported lost or stolen, among other things.

Best Straight Talk refurbished phones available

Here are some of the best refurbished phones that are available as of June 2022, along with the prices.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G fully unlocked 128GB (renewed)

This smartphone is 5G compatible and is equipped with a versatile quad lens camera and a 6.7” Super AMOLED+ Infinity Display.

Some of its other features include:

A big pro with Samsung phones is that you can buy a certified renewed phone straight off the official Samsung website. This phone is professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by Samsung technicians and sold on their website for $275, down from the $924.99 a new model would cost.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro unlocked 256GB (renewed)

This smartphone is compatible with carrier choices like Straight Talk and has an ultrawide mode to capture photos and videos.

Some of its other features include:

This refurbished phone is available on the official Apple website and has had analytical tests and repairs performed by the Apple team. You can buy this refurbished phone from Apple for $739, reduced from the $999 that a new phone would cost you. However, keep in mind that earphones are not included with this phone.

Google Pixel 4a unlocked cellular 128GB

This smartphone comes with a 12MP dual-pixel rear camera and has a battery life of up to 24 hours. In addition, this phone has a voice command feature that lets you send messages, get directions, and perform other functions using your voice.

Some other features include:

You can buy this refurbished Google Pixel phone for $329.95 on Amazon or $138.98 on eBay. The original website does not sell refurbished phones. Also, note that the sim card and headphones are not provided in this package.

Where to buy Straight Talk refurbished phones

Many websites sell refurbished phones, and you can look at a couple to find the best deal for yourself. These websites include wireless carriers like Straight Talk, smartphone companies like Apple, Motorola, and Samsung, and other retailers like Amazon. Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) like Tracfone and Straight Talk are well-known prepaid smartphone brands that utilize AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks and offer lucrative phone plans for 4G LTE, 5G, and GSM unlocked phones to users.

Here is a list of some well-known websites where you can buy your refurbished phone:

  1. Best Buy. Best Buy offers a range of refurbished electronics, used devices, and open-box but unused items. Their open-box deals are great because these are devices that were opened and returned without use. So if you’re skeptical about buying used phones but still want good deals, open-box items might be your thing. In addition, you might even find some of the latest phone models for sale on the site. Best Buy also offers you a trade-in program if you want to purchase a phone while selling your old phone.
  2. Amazon is the world's largest online retailer and is a great place to shop for refurbished phones and other electronic devices. It provides a 90-day to 1-year warranty on refurbished devices, and the return policy for each device is clearly stated. Overall, Amazon is a pretty safe bet when buying a refurbished device.
  3. eBay. eBay refurbishes and resells phones, but here, you need to be extra careful and spend some time researching the merchant. Check the return policy and warranty and carefully read the fine print before buying a refurbished phone. If eBay has refurbished the device, it usually provides an impressive 24-month warranty, a good return policy, and money-back guarantee on official eBay-refurbished devices. eBay also operates as a trusted partner with Phonecheck.
  4. Back Market. Another marketplace that lists Phonecheck as a preferred partner, their goal is to increase trust among the “renewed” device market. You can find a large range of devices on the site including refurbished Straight Talk iPhone models. They also boast their own “Back Label” program, which requires each new seller to answer an in-depth questionnaire to ensure their buyers are getting what is advertised.
  5. The manufacturing company. When buying a refurbished phone, it’s good to check the manufacturing company to see if they have any offers. For example, Apple and Samsung sell refurbished phones on their official website. This way, you have the satisfaction of knowing that the phone was repaired by the same company that created it, so you can better trust that all repairs and replacements are using genuine parts. Apple even replaces the outer covering of the phone when refurbishing it, so it looks brand new!
  6. Carrier websites like Straight Talk. Straight Talk is a mobile virtual network operator that sells refurbished phones on its website. The company claims to give you the best deals on refurbished phones with some of the lowest prices. In addition, they provide all the original accessories and a warranty on the device.

Straight Talk refurbished phones return policy

The Straight Talk returns policy states that if you find any damage on delivery or discrepancy in the device order, you must claim this within 48 hours of delivery, after which your claims won’t be accepted.

If the phone you ordered was not defective, but you want to return it anyway, you can do so within seven days of delivery for a full refund. Note here that the package should be in the same condition as when you received it, with all original parts and manuals, and only then will you qualify for a refund. The fine print also states that the phone should not have been used and should have a cumulative talk time of fewer than 25 minutes if you wish to return it within the first seven days.

However, you are expected to bear any return shipping costs. In addition, all accepted returns will be subjected to a 20% restocking fee even if they are in like-new condition.

The devices sold on Straight Talk come with a 60-day warranty. To learn more about the conditions for a warranty claim and other conditions for returns, you can read the fine print on the returns page.

Tips for buying a refurbished phone

If you have made it to the end of this article, you’re probably leaning towards giving refurbished phones a try. We have some tips to make sure you’re getting a good deal when buying a refurbished phone.

Make sure the price is right

The primary reason you’re looking into refurbished phones is so you can save money. So, make sure you’re getting a good deal when buying the refurbished phone.

Your refurbished phone will always be considerably cheaper than a new phone, and you can look at different websites to find the best possible deal.

Be sure the seller takes returns

You don’t want to spend money on a refurbished phone, receive a damaged product, and then realize that your seller doesn’t take returns and your money went down the drain. Always double-check that your seller will take returns if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

Double-check for a warranty

Warranty is super important, especially with refurbished phones. Sometimes, the phone may work fine the week you buy it, and soon after, it might start giving you problems. This can happen if your phone was refurbished using duplicate parts or if an unknown company refurbished it. So double-check the warranty on the phone before your purchase to protect yourself from future phone repair expenses.

Buy only from reputable vendors

As we’ve stated, you want to ensure that your phone has been refurbished by a reputable company that wouldn’t cheat you. The only way to verify this is to buy from a reputable vendor. If you purchase it from an unknown site, read the fine print about who refurbished the phone.

In addition, avoid costly hidden problems by purchasing a history report on Phonecheck for about the cost of a cup of coffee. This is a detailed scan that will check for problems with your phone.

Build trust between buyers and sellers with Phonecheck

When buying a used phone, the trust between the seller and the buyer plays a crucial role in a smooth transaction. Phonecheck is an enterprise that helps you certify used devices to buy a quality refurbished phone. So if you’re buying a used device, make sure to first get a Phonecheck certified history report!

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