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The Industry Standard in Used Device Certification

Enterprise Diagnostics and Data Wipe for iOS & Android

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Why Certify with Phonecheck?

The most trusted enterprise solution for certifying used devices and increasing trust between buyers and sellers

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Phonecheck takes the question mark out of the assurance that devices are being checked accurately and consistently. The labels have all the information we need and more!
Moises Dejman, Owner, CG Phones

Phonecheck enabled us to expand our operation while staying focused on sales and growing our client base.
Mohammed, Owner, Massmobile
Phonecheck has allowed us to increase our productivity along with decreasing our RMA’s. We now have the ability to have all our technicians test each phone the same way in a timely and efficient manner.
Erik Molden, President, Solarcomm Wireless

Replacement parts detection

Non-OEM replacement components are the fastest growing problem in the secondary market. Protect your inventory with the most trusted certification in the industry.

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Skip Activation

Designed for high volume wholesale dealers, Phonecheck is optimized in every way from skipping activation screens, to automated simultaneous scanning of multiple devices.

iPhone 8: Complete Diagnostic & Data Wipe

Processed with Phonecheck
Processed manually
10X Faster
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24/7 Support

Our team is here 24 hours a day to help you get started and support you along the way. Our average response time is under 2 minutes.

Cloud Control Panel

The results for every device you scan are stored in your cloud account, which you can access through our easy-to-use dashboard.

Data Erasure

PhoneCheck Pro Version 1 has undergone product claims tests by ADISA.  ADISA sets the standard for data disposal services.

Industry Leading Certification

Device ID

IMEI Check

Data Erasure

Component diagnostics

Lock Detection

Global compatibility

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