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Phonecheck To Provide Mobile Device Certification on Swappa

July 7, 2022

Buyers shopping on Swappa, the ultimate used-tech marketplace, can now look for the Phonecheck badge and be assured the device they’re interested in has been tested by the industry leader in pre-owned device certification. Swappa is now displaying the Phonecheck badge on Enterprise and Power Seller listings with devices that have undergone Phonecheck’s comprehensive checks, certified diagnostics and erasure. Additionally, buyers can also filter their search for listings on the marketplace by Phonecheck verified devices. These listings all come with an image added by Swappa, confirming certain Phonecheck Certified checks are complete. Find the full press release here.

What does this mean for used device buyers on Swappa?

The mission of Swappa, which has a nearly perfect rating on Trustpilot, is to make buying and selling used tech safer and easier. They prevent issues before they occur through listing verification, real-time transaction monitoring, AI-powered fraud prevention, and a company-wide focus on support and moderation. Many of the sellers on Swappa test their devices with Phonecheck prior to listing to show the used device is in good working order and doesn’t have any functional issues. Buyers can know the device has undergone testing when they see the Phonecheck badge on certified listings. 

Phonecheck certified devices have passed extensive testing to ensure that they are fully functional and fit for resale. Phonecheck’s test suite ensures that all certified devices are:

How to buy a Phonecheck certified device on Swappa

When shopping on Swappa, buyers can simply search using the Phonecheck verified filter through  listings with the Phonecheck badge from Enterprise and Power Sellers who have certified with Phonecheck.

Quality Assurance Made Easy

Although Swappa has strict listing requirements to ensure buyers always get devices that are fully functional, ready for activation with screens that are crack free and no water damage, Phonecheck provides additional validation through its device diagnostics and certification process. The Swappa and Phonecheck partnership now makes finding a used device with an unparalleled level of quality assurance easy!

News source: Phonecheck via PR Newswire - Live Press Release

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