Is a Marketplace The Best Way to Buy and Sell Used Cell Phones?

Why You Should Use a Marketplace

There is a rapid, ever-growing increase in demand for used cell phones and tablets the world over. As such, prices have increased and it has become difficult for many people to be able to afford a brand new cell phone. Purchasing a quality cell phone from a reputable seller can be difficult, and knowing where to go is challenging for many consumers. That’s why we created a marketplace for reputable sellers to list their inventory, and buyers can have the peace of mind that it will be PhoneCheck certified. We want to make sure that our marketplace is the best way to buy and sell used phones.

Find Certified Phones in the Marketplace

PhoneCheck features thousands of Certified smartphones and tablets for sale from trusted dealers all over the world. When a phone is listed for sale on PhoneCheck’s marketplace, the consumer will already know that it has been tested, diagnosed, is in working condition and has a clean IMEI and EIN numbers.

Having clean IMEI and EIN numbers mean that the phone has, essentially, a clean record. These numbers are the phone’s social security number, it’s VIN number, it’s individualized identity. Checking these numbers ensures that the phone has not been stolen and that it is no longer under financing. Essentially, having clean IMEI and EIN numbers mean it is legitimate and ready for its next owner!

The Marketplace Certification Process

Plain and simple, our mission at PhoneCheck is to build trust between buyers and sellers of used mobile phones. Every mission requires an intelligent plan, and ours is to provide consumers, small businesses and enterprise companies with the ability to verify – via a trusted third party Certification – that any secondhand IOS or Android device is in proper working condition. Shorter life expectancies and replacement cycles for new phones have fueled a boom in secondhand smartphone sales, with the market growing to over 300 million units worldwide.

PhoneCheck will perform and verify the following during its 2-minute certification process:

  • GPS and location functionality
  • Charge port
  • Battery health and battery life
  • Wifi signal strength
  • Bluetooth signal strength and pairing capabilities
  • Front and Back Cameras
  • Flash
  • Video Recorder
  • Headset
  • Digitizer and response time to touch
  • LCD
  • Memory and SD card slot
  • Proximity to face
  • Accelerometer speed
  • Test Call
  • Ear Speaker
  • Loud Speaker
  • Microphone
  • IOS – FingerPrint Sensor and iCloud Status
Is a Marketplace The Best Way to Buy and Sell Used Cell Phones?
Is a Marketplace The Best Way to Buy and Sell Used Cell Phones?

Marketplace Helps You Know Before You Buy

Every device on the marketplace has been Certified through PhoneCheck, so you get consistent quality and better value in every purchase. Whether you are looking to purchase a single cell phone or are looking to invest in a large amount of inventory for your business, you will have peace of mind that your purchase will be of high quality. This means less for you to do when you receive it – all you need to do is turn it on and enjoy it!

The Four Factors that Affect a Phone’s Condition

Knowing before you buy helps alleviate the 3 major concerns most people have before they purchase a phone. These 3 concerns include:

  • Battery life. Everybody hates a phone that won’t charge, and there’s nothing worse than buying one that does this out the gate. When a battery begins to frequently drain, even getting to the point that it won’t charge, it is important that resellers know this. The only way to figure it out? Test it. A cell phone’s battery is never as good as the day it was first purchased, and nobody wants to own a phone that constantly has to be charged throughout the day. PhoneCheck will not certify a phone with poor battery life or condition, so you know that it will be functioning and charging upon purchase.
  • Speed. Apps are one of the best inventions, however, a ton of them can slow down phones to a crawl. A quick wipe of the phone’s drive can usually clear up this issue, however, there’s no way of knowing without using cell phone testing software first. PhoneCheck won’t certify a phone if it doesn’t have good, functioning speed.
  • Age. Older phones usually aren’t able to support new operating systems and apps (especially iPhones), which is exactly the reason people want to get new phones. It’s best to sell phones as quickly as possible, and make sure they’re in the best shape they can be in for a new owner by running a phone hardware diagnostics and getting it PhoneCheck certified. This way, the potential customer will know how well the phone runs despite its age.
  • Functionality. There are so many things that can go wrong with a phone, including the speaker or microphone, that can essentially render it useless to someone. PhoneCheck’s certification process will make sure everything works correctly so that the potential buyer doesn’t have to worry about their purchase.

Trusted Sellers

Getting phones that don’t work can slow down your life, or your business. An easy way to avoid this is by buying from trusted sellers. For a small business that sells cell phones, a trusted seller with quick turnaround is worth its weight in gold. You can easily find trusted sellers everywhere on the PhoneCheck marketplace, ready to grow your business or ready to sell you a quality used cell phone.

Reach More Customers

As a seller, you will have a stamp of approval out of the gate and make great connections within the PhoneCheck marketplace. If you’re already using PhoneCheck’s certification software to handle phones that come in and out of your doors, why not maximize your reach and sell online? While there are many places to sell used phones online, only PhoneCheck’s marketplace will give you serious customers looking for high-quality phones, ready to build long-lasting relationships.

Let Us Know!

Have you ever used a marketplace to buy and sell used phones? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our marketplace!

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