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December 18, 2018

Where Can I Buy iPhones In Bulk

If you’re ready to grow your cell phone business, it is a great idea to buy iPhones in bulk. While you’re trying to decide if you want to sell new or used phones at least having a good inventory to begin with quickly will help you open up your doors faster. In addition, different times throughout the year leave cell phone businesses with low inventory, such as the holiday season. When it is time to stock up, it’s a great idea to buy iPhones wholesale to save and fill up your shelves quickly. However, when you are looking to buy iPhones in bulk, it can be difficult to find a reliable, reputable seller.

Where can I buy iPhones in bulk?

It can be difficult to find a reliable supplier when looking to buy iPhones in bulk. There can be a lot of dangers, including the sellers not being a legitimate business or the phones being low quality. While Amazon can be a good start for most, if the prices are too low it can be suspicious, same if there prices were too high. You need to find that happy medium of low prices, quality phones and a reliable seller. Luckily for you, we took the research and legwork out of the equation and are giving you some of our very favorite retailers!

Recommended retailers

We Sell Cellular - Sell Cellular is one of the country's most trusted value-added suppliers of smart phones and accessories. Through relationships cultivated for over a decade, We Sell Cellular sources new and used devices directly from carriers, manufacturers and big box retailers. We Sell Cellular maintains its R2 Certified Facility in Edgewood, New York. All devices that we source undergo our stringent, best-in-class triage process during which they are both functionally tested and cosmetically graded. As veterans of the industry, they are well aware of the challenges that come along with inconsistent and incomplete triage, and therefore strive to differentiate themselves through transparency and consistency.Cellpex - https://www.cellpex.comWith a wide selection of phones, tablets and accessories from a wide variety of brands, Cellpex will give you the latest devices at great prices to be able to purchase wholesale. They offer their own marketplace for other users to advertise on, as well as a comprehensive forum to talk shop. They also offer a blog complete with the latest industry news, announcements and trade contributors. Cellpex is a complete wholesale network ready to cater to your business’s needs. The idea behind the Cellpex Wholesale Trading Board is to cut out the middle man by purchasing from wholesale distributors, so as to negotiate better deals and secure better profits. Wholesale trade firms such as Cellpex are essential to the economy. They simplify product, payment, and information flows by acting as intermediaries between the manufacturer and the final customer. It’s fair to say, if you want it, Cellpex probably has it, as hundreds of new suppliers join it every day.

How do I know the phones are good when buying iPhones wholesale?

When buying iPhones wholesale, it can be difficult to know the quality of the phones you receive. While there are many ways to check the phone and run diagnostics, it can be a time consuming process to manually check each and every phone. One of the best, most reliable ways to handle this is buy investing in a cell phone diagnostics software. Our software will check dozens of checkpoints in just under 2 minutes, printing out a certificate for you with exactly what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be repaired. It will even do factory resets and completely clear out the phone, making it good and safe for resale. This saves you valuable time and money, and allows you to find out the quality of your products in record time.You can also check the ENS of the phones you receive when you buy iPhones in bulk. An ENS is used to identify phones built on CDMA technology, and each phone has its own unique ESN. Such phones usually don’t have SIM cards that are commonly used in smartphones. Your service provider will use your phone’s ESN to monitor its use and data consumption, as well as to identify and authenticate it prior to allowing it to connect to the network. Basically, you need to check for clean ESN if you want a phone that you can actually use.If your ESN is deemed to be bad, that means is your phone won’t be able to connect to a CDMA network. Basically, you will be in possession of a phone that won’t be good for much more than listening to MP3s, storing contact information, or playing video games. This will cost your business a lot of money, so it is important to make sure these are clean. Ready to check? Make sure you read this blog to learn more about it.

Tips for buying iPhones wholesale

Here are some industry tips for first time iPhone wholesale buyers:

Let Us Know!

Do you buy iPhones in bulk? What have been your advantages and disadvantages in buying iPhones wholesale? Do you use our recommended retailers? Let us know in the comments below!

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