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October 28, 2016

What to Look for in Mobile Device Testing Tools

Wonder what all smartphone users have in common? They always dream of the latest version of the coolest smartphone. No matter how fast and great our current smartphones are, we tend to dream of the faster and better ones as soon as they are released. It’s no wonder there are officially more mobile phones on our planet than people.  Plus, it becomes clear why the market of used smartphones is so large these days.Did you know that more than 120 million of used smartphones are on trade this year alone?  So, chances are that you or some of your friends are going to either sell or buy a used smartphone in the near future. Luckily for you, we designed a list of things to look for when it comes to mobile device testing tools.

Does it Work With Your Operating System?

While top mobile diagnostic services work for both iOS and Android, not every service is designed this way. That is why your choice should be at least partially based on the type of operating system your mobile device has. Chances are that you would not be happy to find out that the service you want to use simply does not support a particular operating system.

What Does it Test?

With a variety of options available, you are welcome to choose the service that tests each and everything you would like to test. While some services can run only basic tests such as a sound check and WiFi connection check, others can offer a more diverse list of tests. Look for a mobile device testing tool that can test such specific features as a multi-touch function, a presence of dead pixels, and 4G connectivity.

mobile device testing tools

Is it User-Friendly?

Although most mobile device testing programs run the same tests, using one program can be a pure pleasure, while using another one can break your entire nervous system. With so many options available, you should use the one with the most visually appealing and intuitive interface. Who wants to spend extra time Googling how to run a particular test in a particular program? No one. Mobile device testing tools were designed to make our life easier, not vice versa. Keep this in mind when choosing your favorite tool.It becomes clear that buying a used mobile device has never been safer and easier than today. As long as you choose a good mobile device testing tool, you can be sure that a mobile phone you are about to buy is going to be a good purchase. No matter what operating system your mobile phone has and what particular features you would like to test, there are many options for mobile device testing. Just stay focused on the quality, functionality, and interface. As for the rest, it is already taken care of.

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