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January 2, 2024

What Is True Tone on iPhone? Your Guide to a More Natural Viewing Experience

If you find yourself asking “What is True Tone on iPhone?”, you’ve come to the right place. Have you noticed your iPhone's screen displaying warmer colors in a dimly lit room, then shifting cooler under the sun? That's not your imagination playing tricks – it's True Tone. True Tone is an Apple technology that adapts your display's color temperature to match your surroundings. But what is True Tone on iPhone, and how does it affect your viewing experience? Let's dive in and shed some light on this intriguing feature.

What is True Tone on iPhone?

Imagine flipping through a magazine bathed in the golden glow of sunset. The white pages appear warm and inviting, right? Now, picture yourself reading under stark office lights. Suddenly, the white feels harsh and sterile. This is precisely the phenomenon True Tone addresses. 

Using two ambient light sensors, True Tone continuously measures the color temperature of your surroundings. One of the sensors is on the front and one is on the back of your iPhone. In real-time, it tweaks the white balance of your display to mimic the temperature of your surroundings. In simpler terms, the screen warms up in warm environments and cools down in cool environments. This creates a more natural and consistent viewing experience wherever you go.

Benefits of True Tone on iPhones

So, why go through all this technological wizardry? There are many advantages.

If you do not believe True Tone is working on your iPhone, you can learn how to test it to make sure.

True Tone vs. Night Shift

You may have heard of Night Shift on iPhones. So what is True Tone on iPhone and how does it differ? While both provide a more comfortable viewing experience, Night Shift shifts the entire color spectrum of your display towards the warmer end, regardless of the surrounding light. True Tone adapts dynamically to match the environment, offering a more natural color balance.

Is True Tone for Everyone?

While True Tone has many benefits, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some users, prefer to have control over their display's color temperature for precision work. In certain situations like editing photos or videos, accuracy might be prioritized over a natural viewing experience.

Turning True Tone On and Off

Now that we’ve answered “What is True Tone on iPhones?”, how do you turn it on and off? True Tone is enabled by default on most iPhones, but you can easily toggle it on or off.

  1. Settings > Display & Brightness > Turn True Tone on or off
  2. Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner): Touch and hold the brightness slider > True Tone

You can also use True Tone on your Mac for the same benefits. 

The Final Verdict

True Tone enhances the viewing experience for most iPhone users. By adjusting the display's color temperature to match your surroundings, it reduces eye strain, improves color accuracy, and promotes better sleep. Remember, experimentation is key. Give True Tone a try and see if it elevates your iPhone experience to a whole new level. The next time your friend asks you “What is True Tone on iPhones?” you can let them know!

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