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October 14, 2016

Using a Phone Diagnostic Test for Android

From free apps to secret technician codes, there are a lot of ways to check your Android’s diagnostics. And there are plenty of excellent reasons to run a phone diagnostic test on your Android.You can get useful battery information, as well as usage statistics you can utilize to make your Android perform better. This could keep you unplugged from your phone’s charger, and enhance your browsing or social media experience too.Do you have an Android? Do you know the secret code that unlocks the door to the depths of your phone? Running a phone diagnostic test is actually simpler than you may think. Let’s take a closer look at a few secret diagnostic tests you can easily access.

Pair Ease of Use with Your Android Phone Diagnostic Tests

Your Android is a complex innovative smart device with tools and options you may not even know exist. This makes phone diagnostic tests for your Android absolutely vital for an optimal user experience.There are a variety of apps available to you for phone diagnostic tests, but you certainly want an app offering ease of use. These apps check a myriad of Android issues such as speed, connectivity, camera, sensors, dead pixels, and the ever-essential battery life. There is even a phone diagnostic tool in development that detects viruses.

The Secret Android Code that Unlocks Hidden Phone Diagnostic Menu

This may sound a bit like the Matrix, but there is actually a secret phone diagnostic menu hidden in your Android. The secret menu is hidden in the operating system, not seen in your smartphone’s standard menu section.If you want full phone diagnostic testing potential, open your dialer and type in this secret technician code:

* # * # 4 6 3 6 # * # *

Once the last * is typed, your Android will automatically send you down the Matrix hole and into the hidden phone diagnostic menu.

phone diagnostic

What Can I Do with the Hidden Android Phone Diagnostic Menu?

Once you have entered the hidden spaces of your Android, you can perform a variety of essential phone diagnostic tests. From checking your phone’s information, to how what apps are draining your battery, these diagnostics are innovative and exciting for the average user.Here are a few fantastic Android phone diagnostic tests you can run with the secret technician code:Usage Statistics. Usage statistics offer you a rare glimpse into how you use your Android applications. This phone diagnostic shows you how often you launch a specific app and the time it’s used. You may be surprised by the apps you don’t know are in use.Battery History. The hidden Android menu can also give you a quick look at your battery history. This phone diagnostic is perfect if you want to optimize your battery life and unplug more often. You can analyze battery usage for CPU, network, GPS, sensors, and also see what apps are draining your battery faster.

phone diagnostic

Android Phone Info. You may not think your Android phone info is that important, but your phone really does contain a massive amount of useful data. The phone diagnostic to access your Android info allows you to Ping Test for better connection, as well as a better look at your signal.Getting the most from your Android using simple apps or hidden phone diagnostic tests is vital to your phone's performance. And in the digital era, having a phone with issues slows you and your daily life down significantly. Give your Android a checkup today and ensure your user experience is as powerful as possible.

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