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December 1, 2022

Check Your Used Phone with a Data Report

When you’re buying a used car, one of the best resources you can use is a CarFax Vehicle History Report. It stands to reason that you’d want the same level of transparency when purchasing a refurbished mobile device. Phonecheck recently introduced a Device History Report that lets refurbished device sellers deliver the product's complete history and condition status to buyers. The report can be given to the buyer before or after purchase through a printed report, link, or QR code. 

This data report makes it easy to check refurbished devices to learn the unique carrier, diagnostic, erasure, and finance information. 

What is a Device History Report?

Phonecheck’s Device History Report is the industry’s first independently validated CarFax-like data report. It’s generated by Phonecheck’s device testing and analytics technology and provides important details on the device's authenticity, ownership status, software version, battery percentage, component diagnostics, erasure, and financial validity. Phonecheck guarantees the accuracy of its comprehensive checks and reports on a device-specific basis so the used device is represented correctly. The certification process includes more than 80 checks that include erasure, functional diagnostics, battery health, repair history, carrier locks or outstanding finance, and whether it has been reported lost or stolen.  

Every device that has a Device History Report also undergoes a comprehensive data wipe that conforms with the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) standards. 

Why Do You Want This Data Report?

This valuable data report is a tool to avoid hidden problems such as carrier eligibility, cloud, or financial locks on a device that can end up being very costly. It validates the accuracy of listings for buyers, which in turn creates confidence for certified device resale. 

“Phonecheck certification is an efficient and easy way to build customer trust through transparency and ensure we are providing the most accurate information about the device,” said Megan Davison, Digital Marketing Lead at Mazuma. “The Device History Report ensures we are looking at the same data and on the same page with our buyers and sellers, so there are no surprises. Devices that are identified as Phonecheck Certified sell faster, for higher prices, and have fewer return issues."  

Leading online refurbished marketplaces like eBay, Back Market, and Swappa leverage the confidence and trust that comes along with a “Phonecheck Certified” badge on device listings. This encourages sellers to offer the Device History Report documentation for buyers.

The Power of the Device History Report

More sellers enter the market every month, and financial and sustainability issues make refurbished phones a more attractive option. Consumers increasingly want regulated, industry-wide standards for quality and authenticity. As the competition heats up, sellers are looking for ways to differentiate, increase sales, and generate more revenue per device. 

By leveraging the use of comprehensive device certification from Phonecheck, sellers usually see faster sales and higher resale value. Price differences between a certified used device vs. an uncertified device can be up to $100. Most importantly, the buyer trusts the transaction and is more willing to purchase thanks to this data report. The buyer is shown the complete quality of the device upfront and has confidence that there are no hidden secrets.

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