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July 17, 2023

The Most Accurate Phone IMEI Tools on the Market

Used smartphones are always in danger of being blacklisted, lost or stolen, or Apple activation locked. Knowing the most accurate phone IMEI lookup tool is vital if you’re dealing in the used phone market. The phone IMEI is essentially a serial number that reveals the history of the mobile device. Prior to buying or reselling any used smartphone, use an IMEI lookup tool to determine if the phone you’re buying is stolen, and to ensure your reseller reputation stays intact. Let’s take a closer look at IMEIs and the most accurate checkers you can use to avoid buying an expensive paperweight.

What Does IMEI Stand For?

IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, is an identifying number all mobile phones have. It’s easiest to think of IMEI numbers as a used phone’s social security number. Each IMEI is a unique 15-digit number that allows smartphones to access cell phone networks. puts their importance into perspective when they say, “As smartphones increasingly become the target of theft across the world, the value of an IMEI number – and more importantly having a record of your device’s number – is not to be underestimated.”

Note that an IMEI number is different from a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, which is a tiny, portable memory chip that stores information about your mobile network and more. 

How Do I Find the Phone IMEI?

There are several ways to find the phone IMEI. One of the easiest ways is to dial 06. If you type in *#06#, your IMEI number will pop up on the screen.

What Does an Accurate IMEI Lookup Tool Do?

A phone IMEI tool tells you information about your device when you enter your IMEI. It provides data such as the mobile phone’s model, origin, and serial number. It also reveals a lost phone’s lock or blacklist status due to overdue bills from the previous owner.

And don’t forget about iPhone Activation Lock . . .

If you’re checking an iPhone’s IMEI, you’ll want to know the Apple activation lock status. An accurate IMEI lookup tool can tell you the Apple lock status. If the activation lock is on, it’s an indication of a stolen phone.

Top IMEI Lookup Tools

Though there are a variety of phone IMEI lookup tools online, not all work equally. The following is what to look for in a quality IMEI tool.


Phonecheck’s IMEI checker can tell you if your mobile phone has been reported lost or stolen, if it’s eligible to activate, or if it’s locked to the previous owner or mobile network. Their mobile diagnostics address IMEI checker attributes better than any other tool on the market. Checking more than 60 facets of any device, its program details key information about software and hardware functionality, IMEI status, model, carrier, memory, OS, and iCloud status. Part of what sets the platform apart from the rest is its ability to verify in-depth device condition, of multiple devices at once. Phone buyers and sellers get the advantage of an IMEI check, as well as a full device workup with an accompanying certificate of quality assurance

Understanding mobile phone IMEI numbers is essential to selling or purchasing a used phone with confidence. You’ll want to ensure you buy or sell a device that’s in full working order, and not stolen or blacklisted. Using Phonecheck’s IMEI lookup tool offers an all-in-one mobile diagnostic test that’s a cut above the competition.

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