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December 10, 2022

What’s the Best Way to Get a Certified Pre Owned Phone?

Refurbished tech shoppers can be even more confident when purchasing a certified pre owned phone that is Phonecheck certified. The company recently announced the new AI-enabled Phonecheck Robot that has a fully automated cosmetic, diagnostic, and erasure suite for pre owned consumer devices.  When the high-performance robotic hardware is paired with Phonecheck’s patented software and certified wipe, consumers get fast and thorough device inspection.

What is the Phonecheck Robot?

Phonecheck Robotics uses high-performance visual hardware and efficient robotics components combined with Phonecheck’s patented software to increase the efficiency and quality of data. The robot fully automates cosmetic and diagnostic analysis, secure erasure, and inventory routing at a processing rate of up to 55 phones an hour per machine, which is ideal for companies that process 10,000 or more devices per month.

The unit includes an optimized camera and AI-enriched analysis tools to detect all defects, including those that would go unseen by human operators. Subjectivity and inconsistency of human cosmetic grading are removed and only consistent and unbiased results are shared.

The Phonecheck Robot’s vision algorithm adds granular cosmetic detection images and its 360-degree evaluation collects dozens of photos of cracks, scratches, buttons, screws, and more while automatically categorizing defects. These images can be used in listings to highlight cosmetic defects for both buyers and sellers in an objective manner. The system’s light scratch detection identifies candidates for polishing, which can bring grades up a whole letter in some cases, adding more value back to certified pre owned phones.

Why Do You Want a Phonecheck Robot Certified Pre Owned Phone?

The demand for quality refurbished devices is rising. With automation and AI included in the refurbishing process, there will be a steady supply of quality inventory in the marketplace. This robot improves consistency and objectivity in device inspection. 

“Counterpoint Research estimates the secondary smartphone market grew 15% in 2021 and we expect double-digit growth again in 2022," said Jeff Fieldhack, Research Director at Counterpoint Research. "Despite this impressive growth, the number one headwind for the secondary market remains quality. Are buyers in the secondary market receiving the quality product which is expected? Robotics such as the Phonecheck Robot will greatly help calm these quality fears. A high volume, automated system which eliminates human error and other inconsistencies will add a lot of confidence into the secondary smartphone market ecosystem.”

Phonecheck Robotics reduces risk when processing large quantities of used devices. It also ensures consistency and transparency 

“Refurbished tech shoppers can be confident in Phonecheck Certified devices, knowing that transactions are based on AI-driven data from an unbiased source,” said Jax Futrell, COO of Phonecheck.

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