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July 7, 2017

Why Use Mobile Phone Hardware Testing Software

In 2017, almost everyone uses a mobile phone, and we don’t just use them to call people. Phones are for Googling, social media, booking hotels, and more. Mobile devices are so ingrained into our lives that we even rely on them for important businesses dealings. It’s become increasingly important that our phones are in working order 100 percent of the time. Whether you're purchasing a second-hand phone or maintaining your mobile, hardware functionality is vital.Phone hardware will fail. It’s an inevitable part of phone ownership. The tiny computers take a beating during our day-to-day lives. So what do we do when our phone’s hardware becomes a problem? Testing mobile hardware before buying a new phone can ensure you’re getting the best value. Or for companies, testing can ensure your current handsets are in working order.Let’s take a look at why you need to start using mobile phone hardware testing software.

The Hardware

In order to understand what goes into the testing process, it’s important to understand a phone’s hardware. Your obvious parts are the display, and keypad (where applicable). Though many don’t realize smartphones are akin to miniaturized computers. A central processing unit (CPU) controls all of the phone’s parts, while tiny antennas govern Bluetooth and WiFi interaction.

Important Features

Phone hardware diagnostic tools are essential to ensure quality. The best tools test a number of features, including…

Mobile Diagnostics

While each phone might have basic tools to diagnose minor issues, you can also use PhoneCheck’s comprehensive diagnostic application. There are several advantages including…

PhoneCheck also provides a “digital certificate” for any device it tests, which is a written guarantee that the device is in 100 percent working order. The guarantee helps build trust with sellers and customers alike.  It also provides a higher resale value for second-hand phone sellers. Mobile service providers and resellers can guarantee their devices are of the highest quality.The last big perk of PhoneCheck is its ability to fully erase phone data, including deep data that could hold sensitive personal information or company secrets. For resellers or big business, this makes PhoneCheck’s mobile phone hardware testing software invaluable.

mobile phone hardware testing software

Phone diagnostics is a tricky business. Built-in diagnostic tools are generally too underpowered to really troubleshoot issues, while standalone tools are costly and time-consuming to learn. PhoneCheck’s software attempts to fill that void by offering an easy to learn platform that also can run full diagnostic checks on multiple phones at one time.With the tool, you have a quick, easy, and cost-effective way of diagnosing any issues that your second-hand handsets might run into. The certificate of quality will also give both buyers and sellers the peace of mind that their hardware is sound.In the increasingly mobile world, knowing that your smartphone is in working order is extremely valuable.

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