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July 29, 2022

How to Check iPhone Trade In Value

When it’s time to let go of your current iPhone and upgrade to a better model, you’ll need to decide what to do with your current cell phone. Some opt to keep it as a backup, others sell it, and some decide to trade it in. In fact, some Apple aficionados can’t help but trade in their current iPhone every time a new model comes out. Whether you count yourself as someone who always needs the latest Apple product or just feel like it’s time for an update, you can easily find out the trade in value of your iPhone to help you decide what to do with your mobile phone.

What is Trade In Value?

Trade in value is different from resale value. Companies who sell iPhones, be it Apple or a wireless carrier, often allow you to trade in your iPhone to allow the value to go toward a new device. The process is similar to trading in a car as you purchase another one. If you’re trading in your phone online, the company typically gives you an estimate and then provides a shipping label or prepaid box so you can send them the phone. Once the company receives the phone and sees the condition, they will give you a final value. If you trade in your iPhone in person, the process is much quicker.

If you decide to resell your iPhone, you can determine the resale value by checking out our blog How to Calculate the Resale Value of Your iPhone

What Affects Trade In Value

There are many factors companies use to determine the trade in value of a used iPhone. The age and model of your iPhone are key determinants of its value. The newer the phone and the newer the model, the more you’ll receive for your trade in. Another important factor is demand for older iPhone models. If more people want to purchase older iPhones, then the price goes up due to demand. Other factors include the authenticity of the parts in your iPhone, the cosmetic condition, and the storage size.

How Do I Trade In My iPhone to Apple?

Since you’re trading in an iPhone, one of the easiest places to trade in your cell phone is through Apple. Note that while most people trade in their old iPhones to go toward a new device, it is possible to trade in a device for a gift card to be used at a later time. 

To trade in your iPhone through Apple, you must have an iPhone model that falls between a 6s through a 12 Pro Max. Apple does not currently accept trade ins of iPhone 13s. 

If you prefer to trade in your iPhone online, visit the Apple Trade In Page. Follow the prompts on the page and answer a few questions about the iPhone you’re trading in. You’ll receive an estimate. If you agree to the online estimate, Apple will help you send in the iPhone so they can inspect it. If all goes well, you’ll receive a credit toward your purchase method and Apple will send any remaining balance on an e-gift card. 

If your iPhone’s condition doesn’t match what was described, you’ll receive a new estimated trade in value. You can either accept it or reject it. If you reject it, your iPhone will be returned to you for free.

Trading in your iPhone at an Apple Store is just as easy and even quicker than trading it in online. You’ll just take the device in, answer a few questions, have it inspected on site, and receive an instant credit. 


How Do I Check the Trade In Value of My iPhone Through Apple?

Just visit the Apple Trade In Page and follow the prompts. After answering a few easy questions, you’ll receive a trade in value. 

How Do I Trade In My iPhone to My Wireless Carrier?

Many wireless carriers offer trade in value for iPhones. To learn about some of the carrier deals, visit Apple’s iPhone Carrier Deals page. Trade ins through wireless carriers tend to be more specific, but you may be able to find a great deal!

Are Trade In Values Worth It?

Only you can decide if you’d rather trade in your used iPhone or sell it. While the value may not be as great as a resale, you’ll save yourself time and hassle. 

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