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March 29, 2023

What is the Best iPhone Diagnostic App?

While nearly two billion people around the globe use an iPhone, Android operating systems account for more than 70 percent of the smartphones in the world. In the U.S. However, Apple dominates and controls more than 56 percent of the market.

Apple iPhones are known for their sleek appearance and simplistic user navigation, and the newest iPhone model is often perceived as a status symbol. iPhones aren’t immune to viruses or other issues that can impact performance, but an iPhone diagnostic app can help owners investigate any underlying issues with their device. What is the best iPhone diagnostic app?  

Some iPhones Include Internal Diagnostic Tools

An iPhone that’s running slower than normal or seems to be suffering from weird glitches might require a diagnostic assessment. Some iPhones also might be holding the charge for a longer duration leading to a drained battery or even dropped phone calls (as the phone shuts down).

Some iPhone models include internal diagnostic tools that can provide details about the phone’s health. However, these tools are built into every iPhone. To find the diagnostic options, go to the Settings icon/app on the home screen. In Settings choose Privacy & Security, and then select Analytics & Improvements. For phones that offer diagnostic options, there should be a choice to run diagnostics.

If the iPhone model doesn’t include a diagnostics tool, owners will need to find another way to check the health of their phone and uncover the source of their phone’s problems.

Use Phonecheck for iPhone Diagnostics

Those who sell phones or individuals who are looking for a used, pre-owned or refurbished iPhone can use Phonecheck to diagnose any issues with their device. Phonecheck can certify and check iPhone models for:

About Lock Detection

Phonecheck assesses cell phones for any locks associated with the manufacturer, software or a cell phone carrier.

Battery Health Check

Battery health is important to the longevity of the phone, and a sluggish battery could cause a phone call to drop. The phone also could shut down randomly. Phonecheck will show if the battery is in good condition or if it needs to be swapped out for a new battery.

Are the Parts Authentic?

Some iPhones have been repaired. Phonecheck checks these parts to ensure that they are authentic to Apple. If the phone was purchased secondhand, a non-Apple replacement part could be causing an issue with the phone.

Having Issues with the Cell Service? Phonecheck Can Check It

Phonecheck will place a test call to the phone to ensure it can receive phone calls. In addition, Phonecheck also sends an sms text. If the phone isn’t receiving calls or messages, Phonecheck will alert the owner that something might be amiss.

The Phonecheck app can be downloaded to any Windows PC or Mac and allows those who sell phones to check Android and iPhone models that were released in the past 10 years. 

Apps on the App Store or Google Play

iPhone users might search the App Store for diagnostic apps for their phone. Phonecheck is available on both the App Store and via Google Play. Use the convenient app to find any underlying issues with the phone. 

Fixing the Issues

Some diagnostic apps can assess the phone but they might not be able to remediate the issues. A battery or another part might need to be replaced, and the phone might need to be taken to an Apple Store for additional diagnostics and repairs.

In some cases, an underlying problem could be covered by an existing warranty. For older phones, though, warranties might have expired.

iPhone Diagnostic App

Keep the Phone Healthy

Smartphones can become infected with malware or a virus. They also could have an aging battery that is draining faster than normal. Dropping the phone could have resulted in internal damage that impacts its performance, too.

While diagnostic apps and software can uncover a phone’s problems, owners need to be diligent in caring for their phone. Common phone issues can be avoided with careful use and through regular phone maintenance and protection. Here are five common issues phone owners might face and how to prevent them:


A hot smartphone can happen for a number of reasons. The phone could be placed in direct sunlight or the outdoor temperature might be extreme. Overheating also can be caused from the infection of viruses/malware and overuse of the phone.

A phone that’s overheated from the sun or outdoor temperature needs to be placed somewhere cooler. The phone shuts off in response to the heat, and the phone should turn back on once it cools down.

Diagnostic apps and tools can help check for viruses. These need to be removed to ensure they don’t impact the phone’s health and compromise personal data.

Gaming too long or using the phone for a long duration also could cause the device to overheat. Give the phone a break and let it cool down. Close out of those apps, too.

A Cracked Screen

A cracked screen is typically the result of a phone falling on or against a hard surface. Damage could be so severe that the phone’s screen looks like a spider web. Don’t try to tap on the screen and use the phone; not only could the broken class result in a laceration or injury, but trying to use the phone could result in more damage. The screen needs to be replaced; take the phone to an Apple Store for repairs.

Protect the phone to ensure that cracks and broken screens don’t damage the phone. Use a screen protector and a case for the phone, too. Some cases are rubberized and provide extra cushion in the event that the phone is dropped.

Slow Loading Apps

Some apps have issues or bugs that can result in poor performance. If only one app seems to have a glitch, try closing it and then opening it again. If the problem continues, consider deleting the app or contacting the developer/company. A virus or malware also could impact performance and a diagnostic app could help owners find these ‘bugs.’ Cleaning the phone, though, might require a trip to the Apple Store.

McAfee and other anti-virus software companies offer protection for phones. These apps and antivirus programs could help phone owners catch those viruses before they wreak havoc.

The Battery is Draining Quickly

Overcharging the phone could impact overall battery life over time. Eventually improper charging habits could result in a battery that cannot stay fully charged for a long duration.

Some phone habits also drain the battery quickly. Streaming movies, listening to music and watching videos all use battery life. A long phone call can drain it too. In addition, phone owners can check how many apps are open on their phone; more open apps use battery power.

iPhone Diagnostic App

Stay Away from These Bad Phone Habits

Some bad habits also impact the health of the phone. Here are five phone ‘don’ts’ that owners should mind:

  1. Don’t use liquids to clean the screen.
  2. Don’t use the wrong charger.
  3. Don’t charge the phone overnight.
  4. Don’t open or download any strange links or documents.
  5. Don’t forget to check the pockets before doing a load of laundry.

Be Mindful When Cleaning the Phone

While it might seem like a good idea to use a chemical spray to keep the phone free from dirt and bacteria, liquids can damage a smartphone or any type of tech. Instead, use safe cleaning methods like a disinfectant wipe to sanitize the screen; however, the FCC explains that these wipes could impact the screen over time (be cautious). Products that offer UV lights to clean a smartphone also could be a safe choice.

Use the Correct Charger

An incorrect charger could cause issues with a device. Charge the phone with a charger that is compatible with the device. If the charger is broken or misplaced, Apple sells replacements.

Don’t Charge the Phone Overnight

Charging a phone overnight isn’t recommended. The phone could overheat and the sleeping owner would be none the wiser. Charge the phone before bed and unplug it from the charge once the battery is fully regenerated.

Beware! Some Links and Attachments Hold Viruses and/or Malware

That text might not be sent from a reputable source. Scammers can spoof other companies to send malware or viruses in a text link or via an email attachment. Don’t open or click on any links or attachments from an unknown sender. Even if the sender appears to be from a reputable source, hovering over the information (for email addresses) could reveal a bogus address.

Check Those Pockets before Washing Anything

The horror of washing a smartphone or cell phone is palpable. Many individuals have mistakenly tossed a pair of jeans or a jacket into the wash only to realize a few minutes later that they washed their phone, too. Protect the phone from a wash cycle and check every pocket for phones or other electronics.

Run Diagnostics to Reveal a Phone’s Underlying Weaknesses or Problems

When an iPhone is overheating, not staying charged, suddenly glitching or experiencing other issues, download an iPhone diagnostic app to check the health of the phone. While some iPhones offer internal diagnostic tools, others can use an app like Phonecheck to assess performance.

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