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November 12, 2018

How to measure the health of your smartphone battery

Battery health is different than battery life

When we think of battery health, it’s actually much different than battery life. For consumers, it is important to understand the difference. Your battery life literally means how much longer until your battery runs out of charge and eventually dies before you need to plug it back in again. Battery health is the condition your battery is actually in, and how well it can hold it’s charge. Brand new phones have perfectly excellent battery health, but due to various reasons, they diminish over time. Battery health is affected by many things consumers do, such as cellular network, location, signal strength, feature configuration, usage, and many, many more. There are a few ways to do an Android and iPhone battery test, so keep on reading!Battery life and battery health do actually go hand-in-hand and are absolutely related. If you are able to take care of your battery life from the start of owning your new phone, it will help your battery’s health and last much longer. When you’re ready to move on from your phone and get a new one, your habits will help its resale value. The businesses that will eventually resell it will be able to sell a quality phone, so keep up the good work!Everyone’s faced it at some point or another: constantly having to plug in your iPhone or Android more than usual, or even for longer than usual, to be able to use it for a period of time before it dies. If you notice your phone losing charge quickly, then you need to assess your phone’s battery life. For businesses that sell used phones, this is a huge variable that needs to be addressed in order to sell quality phones. Luckily, there are many ways you can figure out what the health of your battery might be, and steps you can take to protect it.

Check all the classic signs

Before you freak out and wipe your phone clean, you can do some simple things to solve your battery health issue. More often than not, battery health can be easily fixed by changing a few simple habits. By fixing your phone’s battery life, you will be aiding in its’ overall health. For consumers, this will keep the phone running at optimal functionality for as long as possible and greatly aid in its’ resale value when you’re ready to turn it in.Aside from the obvious, such as streaming music all day, keeping your Bluetooth on 24/7, or constantly watching YouTube videos, there are some things you are doing to drain your battery life, and eventual battery health, that you might not even realize you are doing.

Too many apps

Apps are one of the greatest inventions probably ever, but having too many of them can seriously drain your battery. This is especially true for free apps that are supported by sponsored ads. They are always waiting for the chance to show you an ad, and this will use up battery life, data and user-tracking data such as your location. As a consumer, paying the extra $.99 for an app doesn’t seem like a smart idea if there’s a free version of the same app, but that $.99 can save you hundreds in the long run.Additionally, if you are using a lot of apps throughout the day, make sure you take a few moments throughout the day to stop and close them all. If apps are constantly running in the background while your phone is on, it will very quickly drain your battery. Whenever you are about to lock your phone to put it down for a while, just take a moment to swipe-close all your apps. Not only will it help with your battery life, it’s a simple habit to get into from the start to elongate your battery’s health as well.

Screen brightness

Like it or not: this is the number one setting that is draining your battery life. Most phones support auto-brightness features so that you don’t have to constantly adjust your brightness levels throughout the day. Make sure you have this feature on, so that your phone is using brightness levels that coincide with its battery life. If you want to really protect your phone’s battery health, then keep it on a very low setting at all times and only turn the brightness up when absolutely necessary.On the same note as screen brightness, your phone’s background wallpaper may also be to blame. If you have a super bright and colorful background photo, your iPhone or Android is using a brighter light to display the image. Background wallpapers with darker colors are using less energy since they don’t need to be as bright. This can be especially true for locked screen wallpapers as well. Since we are constantly tapping on our phones to check the time or if there are any new notifications, this is the wallpaper that is shown the most. Keep your phone’s locked screen to a darker wallpaper and keep the brighter one for the home screen if necessary.


Think about this: It takes us much more energy to shake and move our whole bodies than it does for us to simply speak some words. Believe it or not, this idea is the same for our phones. It takes much more battery power for our phones to constantly shake enough for us to hear, see or feel them than it does to simply have a ringtone.Of course, vibrations are necessary in some occasions. However, think about this: some studies show that people can hear phone vibrations just as loudly as a soft ringtone, and in some cases, vibrations can actually be more distracting and annoying. We’ve all been there: imagine sitting at a table with your friends, and suddenly someone’s phone buzzes loudly against the table. It also shakes it enough for you to feel it three seats down, and since no one knows who’s phone it was, everyone checks and becomes distracted. Instead, keep your phone at a very soft ringtone or turn off the vibration whenever you have it right in front of you at a table. With the screen facing up, you will be able to see it light up whenever you get a call or important notification. Studies actually show we respond better to that anyway. Not only will this keep your friends happy, but it will keep your battery life and health happy as well.

Run an iPhone battery test

If you’ve been pretty good about your battery habits and still want to check out the health of your battery, iPhones allow us to do this pretty easily. If you are a consumer and aren’t able to run out to the nearest Apple store or purchase diagnostics tools, you can run an iPhone battery test right at home and see where you stand.There is a diagnostics test area in the Settings section to perform an iPhone battery test, however, you need to be approved in order to use it. Getting approved is rather easy - all you need to do is reach out to support! You will simply reach out to them, give them your iPhone’s serial number and iOS version, then once it’s done running the support staff will let you know the health of your battery. Viola! In addition, there are a wealth of different apps that you can use to do an iPhone battery test that you can find with a simple Google search.For businesses, they may need to do this test at larger volumes and can’t sit around waiting for support staff constantly. Our comprehensive diagnostics tool allows businesses to check everything from the microphone, the hardware functionality, to - yes - the battery health. Click here to read more about our services and certification process for used phones.

Clean your phone

If all else fails, you can simply wipe your phone clean. This will erase absolutely everything on your phone and return it to its original factory settings. While this can be annoying for consumers - you will have to backup all your contacts, photos and more - it can help diagnose what might be wrong with your phone’s battery health.If your phone is completely wiped and still not charging, then it is definitely time for a new battery. For businesses that sell used phones, this is a practice that is done anyway so the same thinking applies. There are few things better than a fresh, clean phone with a full battery and excellent battery health! In addition to checking smartphone battery health, our software will clean used phones and check about a dozen other parameters and give you a full report at the end.

Let us know!

Have you ever done an iPhone battery test? What measures do you take to protect your battery’s health? Does your business constantly diagnose phone batteries, and need a new solution for an iPhone battery test? Let us know in the comments below!

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