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December 1, 2017

Common Hardware Failures with a Phone Diagnostic App

Hardware doesn’t last forever, and it’s not uncommon for a smartphone to start failing as it gets older. You may find that your phone doesn’t recognize your charger when it plugs in unless you wiggle it exactly the right way, or that it doesn’t hold a charge the way it used to. Other common failures include buttons that don’t perform their assigned functions, or a camera lens that casts a haze over every photo you take. Whatever the problem, a phone diagnostic app can give you the answers that you need.

Charging Port Failure

If your phone fails to recognize when it’s plugged in, the culprit could be a failing charging port. Before you start searching for how to fix it, try some basic troubleshooting, because there are many problems that can mimic charging port failure, including:

Luckily, it’s easy to rule out both. Swap out your old charger for a new one, and see if there’s any difference. If not, then you can safely assume that charging port failure is the problem, and a phone diagnostic app can confirm your suspicions. You can repair and replace the port by yourself, which typically costs around $150 for the new hardware.

Battery Failure

phone diagnostic app

Phone batteries have an expiration date, and if you use your phone heavily, the day will come when your phone battery drops from 40 percent to 10 percent in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell if your battery is actually failing, or if you simply go through battery power quickly (media power users, we’re looking at you).Before you run out and buy a new battery, try taking a few basic steps to reducing power consumption and see if it makes a difference. These can include steps such as:

If you don’t see a significant difference, then try using a phone diagnostic app to rule out related hardware issues. If all signs point to a failing battery, luckily they’re cheap and easy to replace.

Unresponsive Buttons

There are two reasons your phone’s buttons don’t respond when you need them to: it could be that your phone’s software isn’t recognizing the commands, or that the buttons themselves have a physical malfunction. It’s hard to rule out either problem with normal troubleshooting, so you’ll need the help of a phone diagnostic app to figure out the problem.If diagnostics point toward software, then there are easy fixes that you can complete at home by yourself. If it seems to be a hardware issue instead, then you should contact your manufacturer or a third-party phone repair shop, as button replacements can be tricky if you’re not well-versed in them already.

Damaged Camera Lens

Find that your photos come out looking hazy or cloudy? Your camera lens is probably scratched or otherwise damaged. You can diagnose this particular problem without the help of an app, since a damaged lens is easy to see with the naked eye… but you can’t fix this problem at home without risking a poorer quality photo, since third-party lenses don’t stack up to the manufacturer lens.Instead, check if your phone is under warranty and contact the manufacturer to have the lens replaced. Even if you’re not currently under warranty, it’s often inexpensive to replace the lens compared to replacing the entire phone (or resigning yourself to low quality photos).Having a phone that works on a sub-par level is frustrating at best, so take a few minutes to diagnose what’s going on so you can fix it. Luckily, many phone hardware malfunctions are easy enough to solve, and cheaper than buying a new phone outright. The help of a phone diagnostic app is all you need!

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