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Guide To iPhone Wiping Software

Usually, when you delete data on smart devices, including iPhones and Androids, only the path that leads to its location on the storage is removed. Therefore, the deleted data remains in the specific storage location on the device. Although you may not easily re-access such data without special software, the average digitally-informed person could quickly recover those files.

Access to your deleted data by a third party can be damaging. For a company, it could lead to major financial and legal consequences. Therefore, any organization that intends to sell its used phones or list them on the open market will need to ensure that its files and data are erased beyond recovery. Wiping software is essential for an organization to prevent unauthorized retrieval by a third party who may expose the organization’s sensitive information. 


In this article, you’ll learn what it means to wipe an iPhone, the various options available, and everything you need to consider before choosing an iPhone wiping software. We’ll also discuss how to leverage PhoneCheck Mobile Data Erasure Software, which offers complete ADISA-certified erasure in a comprehensive suite of certification tools. 

What does wiping an iPhone mean?

Wiping an iPhone involves erasing all the files and information that has ever been added to it by a user. This process is designed to return the device to the original conditions and settings it came with as a brand new phone from Apple before ever being used. This state is known as the “factory setting” in the IT industry.


By wiping your iPhone, you get rid of all the data stored. This data encompasses apps, contacts, text messages (SMS), software and security updates, voice memos, call history, personalized settings, photos, viruses, and malware.


Although your factory pre-installed apps remain, the data, cache files, and history you had on these apps are erased. Data like your download songs on iTunes, browsing history, and bookmarks on Safari will all be wiped. 


Wiping an iPhone will usually take anywhere from three to ten minutes. The duration depends on your phone’s model and the integrity of its operating system. For example, the older iPhone 6s can take longer to erase and restore to factory settings.

When do I need to wipe my iPhone?

You will only need to erase all data on your iPhone when you have to part with it — such as when you are ready to sell it or swap it for a newer model. In all of these situations, the best thing you can do for your privacy and security is wipe your phone data clean.


Nowadays, technology has become an integral and invaluable tool for human existence. Consequently, our digital life is easily an extension of our minds. It is easy to get a pretty good idea of who a person is by scrolling through their phone.

Imagine if someone gains unrestricted access to every piece of private information on your phone. Photos filled with memories, private voicemail files, or even browsing history are open to being pruned and scrutinized. However, a third party’s invasion of your privacy is probably the least of your concern.


Unauthorized access to Sensitive data like your emails, financial and health applications, credit card information, etc., can cause you a lot of grief. iPhones used for business operations are especially at risk of data and security breaches that can cause irreparable damage. That’s why you need to leverage PhoneCheck Mobile Erasure Software to safeguard your company’s privacy. It requires only a few minutes of tapping and swiping to erase private data and protect you and your business from all the possible dangers.


You might have to wipe your iPhone out of other necessities, such as troubleshooting. For instance, your phone might suddenly slow down for no apparent reason or begin freezing or glitching. You can also choose to wipe your iDevice to free up space and erase junk files when you are running out of storage space.


Viruses or malware are other issues. While viruses are very rare for iPhones, they still exist and can invade any unsuspecting phone. It is usually advisable to try different options like a malware scan in these situations. However, if all other options fail, wiping your iPhone can help you sort out the mess, return your phone to the factory default state, and give you a fresh start.


Regardless of your reason, it is vital to make sure you back up the data and files you need before wiping your iPhone. You can back up your data on iCloud or external storage devices.

How do I wipe my iPhone?

When it comes to wiping an iPhone, different options and approaches are available. We’ve detailed some of the popular strategies people use to wipe iPhones below for your convenience.

Factory reset your iPhone 

Most smart devices like laptop PCs, iPads, iPod Touches, MacBooks, Android devices, and iPhones have a built-in “factory reset” function in their settings. The function is known as “Erase All Content and Settings” on iPhones. The exact process is different depending on your iOS version.


Follow the steps below to factory reset an iPhone running iOS 15:


The erasing levels, however, are slightly different on iOS 14 devices like iPhone X and other earlier iOS versions on devices like the iPhone 7. Follow the steps below to factory reset an iPhone running iOS 14 or earlier:

Reset your iPhone with your computer 

You can also reset your iPhone device with your Windows or Mac computer. The computer can reinstall and format your original operating system and restore your iPhone to its default settings by erasing all personal information and completely wiping your phone.


You’ll need to install the iTunes computer software on your PC to get started. In addition, you need a lightning cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. Then, follow the steps below to reset your iPhone with your computer.

iPhone wiping software 

iPhone wiping software is another efficient option available, especially as the erasing process is relatively fast. 

Why use an iPhone wiping software if there are already two manual options? Because in most cases, your deleted data is still recoverable when someone with the right expertise handles it. An average person equipped with cheap recovery software can recover your deleted data even after restoring your phone to its default settings. An individual might not have to worry too much about this, but businesses and even individuals with sensitive information should not take such risks.


iPhone wiping software clears the different data sources, replaces them, and clears them again, using advanced algorithms. The wiping process is more thorough and renders the deleted files on the iOS devices unrecoverable.


A lot of iOS data eraser software has multiple features that go beyond simply wiping your iPhone. While many claim to be the best iPhone data eraser software, they do not always have the speed needed to wipe large amounts of iPhones as required by businesses and enterprises.


Phonecheck data wipe capabilities are the industry-leading standard in data erasure for iPhones. Phonecheck Mobile Data Erasure Software uses DOD3-level data encryption to create a new encrypted file system over the old one, which renders your data unrecoverable. Additionally, it can wipe a vast majority of iPhones often listed for reselling.

What to look for in an iPhone data erasure software

When shopping for an iPhone data erasure software, you want to be sure you’re getting the perfect tool. Naturally, you’ll want an erasure software that can:

Any erasure software that meets these criteria should work for you. 

Wipe used iPhones with speed and accuracy with Phonecheck

For both individuals and organizations, protecting sensitive information on smart devices from an unintended third party is always a priority. Therefore, a constructive and efficient data wipe is necessary when selling or disposing of smart devices, including iPhones, MacOS, and Androids. Unfortunately, most individuals and companies don’t know how to carry out an efficient data wipe on their old iPhones before selling. 

That’s where PhoneCheck Mobile Data Erasure Software comes in. Our industry-standard erasure software helps you carry out a constructive erasure of your old company iPhones before listing in public markets. We believe you should be able to wipe your devices with comfort, speed, and a guarantee of complete erasure without worrying about your data being recovered. 

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