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Guide to iPhone Tools in 2022: What's Best For You?

Apple is a recognized leader in the smartphone space, and the demand for their mobile phones is enormous. Given their popularity and cutting-edge technology, it comes as no surprise that iPhones are also fairly pricey. Therefore, if an iPhone is broken, it's often preferable to fix it rather than scrapping it.

The market for used iPhones is big. Resellers can generally make good money on second-hand phones — assuming the repairs are done well. This guide discusses some of the most common repairs that can increase a phone's resale value and provides a roundup of the best iPhone repair kits.

Can you repair a broken iPhone?

iPhones are pretty sturdy but can still experience technical glitches and structural damage (especially if you're prone to dropping your phone). iPhone repair kits are created with the most common iPhone fixes in mind. 

Here are some of the more common iPhone issues that need to be addressed:

While it's possible to address many of these issues with the right tools and technical expertise, not all iPhone repairs are foolproof. There are certain issues to beware of before trying to fix any phone. For example, third-party unauthorized repairs that aren't provided by an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), will void any available manufacturer warranty. So if an unauthorized provider damages the phone further when trying to fix it, Apple won't cover the damages.

Other things that can void a warranty range from jailbreaking an iOS device to removing or altering the serial number. Beyond warranty concerns, you also want to take care that any repairs made to the phone don't endanger it further. For example, using non-genuine parts can result in damage to the phone. These replacement parts may be cheap but are often prone to issues like overheating. 

What tools do you need to repair an iPhone?

When repairing iPhones, you can't just reach for your traditional toolbox and pull out a hammer and screwdriver. Any repairs listed above require professional tools made specifically for phone repair. They're smaller and more delicate, providing the necessary control needed for this work. 

Here are some of the most common iPhone repair tools and what they do:

Best iPhone repair kits in 2022

As you can see from the list above, many unique tools are needed to address iPhone repairs. The good news is that you can get all the goods you need for phone fixes in a single iPhone repair kit. These kits combine all the essentials in one portable and easy-to-track case, so you don't lose the various pieces and have them all at your fingertips. Here are some of the best-selling iPhone repair kits worth checking out.

Apple self-service repair kit 

The Apple self-service repair kit includes tools, parts, and how-to guides for fixing the iPhone 12 and 13. In the past, these kits were only available to Apple Authorized Service Providers, but now customers can get them too. Customers must first review the repair manual and then order the Apple genuine parts and tools needed to do the job. 

As a bonus, customers who return old parts to be recycled will get a store credit.The repair kit will reportedly offer more than 200 tools and parts needed for the most common iPhone 12 and 13 repairs.

The program is anticipated to launch in 2022, with the kits directly available via Apple. You can check the dedicated Apple Repair portal for updates.



Kaisi 16-piece repair tool kit 

The Kiais 16-piece repair tool kit includes an eight-piece precision screwdriver set, two triangle paddles, two mount bars, one graver, one scraper, and two different-sized tweezers. This phone repair kit is high-quality and comprehensive enough to meet various repair needs. The tools have an anti-static coating to help prevent damage to electronic components, and the screwdrivers have magnetic tips to easily "stick" to screws and avoid losses. The graver and scraper have durable stainless steel tips for clean scraping.

You can get this electronics repair tool kit on Amazon.



iFixit pro tech tool kit with 64-bit driver kit DIY 

This complete toolkit includes picks, prying spudgers, screen removal suction cup, a jimmy, opening tools, tweezers, anti-static wristband, and a bit driver set. All the tools are safely contained in a sturdy case with a foam interior to prevent damage and loss. It has a magnetic closure. iFixit offers a lifetime warranty on their goods. The large kit can be used not only for fixing Android cell phones and Apple iPhones but also tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

This tool kit is also easy to find on Amazon.



XOOL 80 in 1 precision set with magnetic driver kit 

This professional repair kit is designed with a broad application in mind and can be used for phones, Macs, Apple watches, and more. It includes a screwdriver kit with 56 different bits to accommodate all kinds of screws. The tips on the tools are magnetic and anti-static, and the tools come with easy-grip handles. It also gives you a good bang for your buck, coming in at less than $25.

This tool kit can also be found on Amazon.



Get a device certification report with Phonecheck

Repairing and reselling iPhones can be a lucrative business if you've got the tools and know-how to make quality fixes. Sellers can command higher sale prices and maximize your profits by testing and certifying devices before resale. 

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Avoid costly hidden problems by purchasing a history report on for about the cost of a cup of coffee or review the full Phonecheck solution for businesses to certify devices at scale.

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