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February 7, 2019

Fake GPS Location On Android

Can You Have a Fake Android Location?

If you’re looking to change the location on your Android for any reason, you are in luck! You can actually trick your phone into thinking it is somewhere else, absolutely anywhere in the world, and even the most novice of Android users can do it.Many people believe this feature is only something developers use and need. Developers often use Android mock location apps and features to test their various projects - more on this later. However, everyday people can take advantage of using a mock location for a variety of reasons, and we are going to show you exactly how to do it.

How to Allow Mock Locations

You can trick your phone into having a different location by downloading one of the many fake location apps - you can find a list of all of them right here. But first, in order to use any of these, you will need to change a couple settings so that your phone can allow mock locations.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on About
  3. Tap rapidly on Build Number until it says “You are now a developer”
  4. Go to developer setting
  5. Check “Allow mock locations”

Now you’re ready to play with locations!

Why Should You Try a Fake GPS Location?

Once you’ve allowed mock locations and have downloaded a mock location app, you’re ready to travel the world via your smartphone. Are you not a developer, but still want to figure out a way to use this feature? Don’t worry, anyone can use mock location apps for anything from added security, media workarounds, testing and some good old fashioned fun.


Some people may feel like they want to use mock location for security purposes. When posting on social media, especially on Facebook, the poster’s location is used and stamped along with the post. If you change your location back to home, you can give yourself some added security while you are away if you don’t want anyone to know you’re gone.This added security is especially useful to protect your home if you are away for an extended period of time, or to protect your location from your boss if you called in sick - but actually went to the big game or on a spur-of-the-moment day trip. Just because you don’t want someone to know your location doesn’t mean that you can’t post on social media or use location-tracking apps. All you need to do is fake your location!In addition, many of our apps constantly check for our location and log this information. This can include various weather apps, health apps and more. Your location is sensitive data, especially home or work locations that you frequent often. To protect yourself, you can use a mock location to protect this sensitive data, especially if this is a phone you will be selling in the future.When cell phones are hacked, people are phishing for any type of information that they can get at all. Just a simple location tag can help hackers find a lot of information about you. This can include getting your billing address or zip code if they already have your credit card number, more information on where you live and much more. Hackers are getting more and more creative these days, so it is best to protect yourself at the first sign of a hack. If you feel as if your phone may have been hacked, using a mock location can throw them off and give you added protection until you are able to clear your phone of the hack.

Media Workarounds

Many apps and media will not work due to blackouts in an area. This can include Netflix or Pandora in some countries, or major sport events. If you are in a bind and absolutely need an app to work despite your location, you can do a fake location to make it work. That way, you can use whatever app you might need no matter where you are. This isn’t one hundred percent foolproof, though. Many apps have mock location detectors and could interrupt your session.


Using a fake GPS location is great for testing apps that use location data. If you need to see how your app will work anywhere in the world, including places that are extremely busy or desolate, then using a fake GPS location is a great option. This will save a lot of time and money for not having to travel all around the world, and you can go anywhere you need to go right there in your chair, in the palm of your hands.Location testing can be required for apps that need to calculate shipping, for ordering food or cabs, or making reservations for a restaurant or event. Being able to take advantage of mock location features allows developers to ensure their apps work anywhere in the world before releasing it.


A great reason for using an Android mock location is for some good old fashioned fun. You can use mock location to check yourself in to Hawaii on Facebook and trick your friends. You can also switch your location for Snapchat to take advantage of all the location-specific filters that are available. You can trick your friends and family into thinking you’re on the vacation of a lifetime without ever leaving your house.Have you ever wondered how much ordering an Uber might cost in another country? Want to see if your favorite game works in another country that you’re about to visit? You can test all this with fake location apps on your Android, just to have some fun and play around with your phone!

Let Us Know!

Have you ever used the Android mock location apps and features? Let us know in the comments below!

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