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May 12, 2017

Is There an Easier Way to Check Your IMEI Info for Multiple Phones?

Mobile devices are an enormous part of our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or other device, it’s a important to utilize high-quality technology. For mobile devices, this means checking the IMEI number before you buy.For those feeling confused; don’t worry, we’ll explain. While there are traditional ways of checking IMEIs, we’ll also show you a better way.

What is an IMEI?

Before we can discuss how to check IMEI info, we need to define the term. A international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) is like a device’s social security number. It’s unique, and is how carrier networks identify mobile devices.Since every IMEI is different and is 16 digits long, knowing the number makes it possible to track a phone if it’s lost or stolen.No matter what type of device you buy, it will have an IMEI number. Of all the things to note before buying or selling a phone, it’s the IMEI.

Blacklisted Devices

Even if your phones aren’t stolen, they could still exist on a blacklist. So, it’s still important to run an IMEI check. First, dial *#06# on the phone to figure out the IMEI number. Or, you can go into the phone settings and look for the number there.On phones with removable batteries, the number could be noted under the battery. This is more applicable for older mobile devices.Next, you can use a variety of different tools to check if the numbers are blacklisted. Just enter a number and within minutes you’ll know the IMEI status.The other way to check the IMEI status is through the phone’s carrier. Some carriers even allow IMEI checks on their website.

check imei info

Top Tools to Check an IMEI Number

While the aforementioned methods are traditional, there’s a better a way to check IMEI info. PhoneCheck offers a full service diagnostics system that’s able to check multiple IMEI numbers at once. This saves the long, tedious process of checking devices one-by-one.The tool also comes with an excellent standard of quality assurance. Phone resellers use the tool consistently to ensure their handsets are high quality.Beyond just IMEI lookups, PhoneCheck’s tool also provides a full diagnostics suit. Regardless of clean a IMEI number, used phones aren’t always of the utmost quality.When PhoneCheck’s tool looks at IMEI attributes, it also looks at more than 60 different facets of the device; including information about the software, hardware functionality, IMEI status, model, carrier, memory, operating system, and cloud status.Additionally, the company also provides a certificate of insurance that any tested mobile device is of the highest quality. When buying or selling a device, there’s no such thing as overly stringent testing. PhoneCheck offers an all-in-one mobile diagnostic test that’s leaps and bounds above the competition.Though real selling point of the PhoneCheck software is the ability to batch check multiple phones. The time saved checking multiple phones at once is well worth investing into the PhoneCheck ecosystem.In fact, you’ll end up saving money versus individual IMEI checks through other verification providers.Knowing about IMEI numbers and the best way to check multiple phones against blacklists is vital to buying or selling phones in large quantities.You’ll save time, money, and guarantee quality by choosing the PhoneCheck platform.

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