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March 30, 2022

Does Used Device Certification Increase Used Phone Value?

Used cell phone sales are on the rise, with buyers tired of paying high prices for new phones that get upgraded every year. According to TechTarget, there was a 9.2% increase in global shipments of used phones and a 6.4% decrease in shipments of new cell phones just last year. Knowing this, now’s the perfect time to sell the used phones you have sitting around the house. Or maybe you’re interested in creating a buyback website. Either way, you’ll want to get top dollar for mobile devices. So how do you make sure you get the best cell phone resale value? In addition to keeping the phone in tip-top shape, getting it certified can also increase its value.

What is Device Certification?

Device certification guarantees the data-driven accuracy of its comprehensive checks and reports on a device-specific basis, so that the used device  is represented properly. The certification process includes tests for hardware functionality, if the cell phone is locked, and if it’s been reported lost or stolen. Mobile diagnostic companies such as Phonecheck certify the cameras, speakers, battery, ChargePort, and more.  

Why Does Device Certification Increase the Cell Phone Value?

Getting a device certified increases the cell phone resale value because buyers looking for quality devices are willing to pay a bit more when they’re ensured that it is in good working condition. A lower price isn’t a better deal if the phone doesn’t work or comes with technical problems (or, even worse, turns out to be stolen). Certification increases the resale value because it protects both the buyer and seller so nothing goes wrong.

How Much Does Certification Increase the Cell Phone Resale Value?

While there’s no standard resale value for a certified used cell phone vs. an uncertified phone, some websites show up to $100 difference between the two. But the most important aspect of the cell phone value when it’s certified is that the buyer trusts the purchase and is more willing to close the deal. The buyer is shown the complete quality of the phone upfront and trusts that there are no hidden secrets. 

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