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July 27, 2021

Choosing the Best Refurbished Phone

Research is an important step when it comes to finding the best refurbished phones available on the market. Not only do you want to save money, but you want to get the best price and a phone that is in great condition with fantastic features -- that’s the whole reason for buying a refurbished phone. A great time to start shopping for a refurbished phone is after the launch of a new model, as many people are quick to trade in their older models for the newest phone on the market, or sell privately. 

According to the experts at Tom’s Guide, here are the best refurbished phones as of July 2021: 

Best Refurbished Phones 


New iPhone Xs and Xs Max smartphone model by Apple Computers close up. Newest Apple iPhone on MacBook Pro 15 laptop keyboard.
iPhone XS

Why this a good option for refurbished phones: Fast processor (A12 Bionic), great camera, beautiful display. 

iPhone 8 Plus

Why this a good option for refurbished phones: Although this is an older model of iPhone, you still have dual-lens cameras, wireless charging, and water resistance. 

Check Amazon and Apple for refurbished iPhones, both sites offer warranties when purchasing refurbished phones.  


Close up hands of businessman holding pen of Samsung Galaxy Note9 and showing shortcut icons on the device screen while he working on the desk.
Samsung Galaxy S9

Why this a good option for refurbished phones: The Galaxy S9 has expandable storage, a  bright display, low-light camera, and great battery life. You can also find this refurbished phone on Amazon for less than $200 dollars. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Why this a good option for refurbished phones: Large display, bluetooth pencil for note taking, and lots of storage. 

It’s important to note that when you are buying a refurbished phone through a private party, you need to do your due diligence to make sure the phone you are buying is worth the money. Phonecheck offers a history report, that can check for things like the original owner and parts, repair history, warranty status, carrier locks, if the phone has been reported stolen, hacked or rooted, blacklist checks, and if the phone is refurbished. 

These are four options to consider when looking for the best refurbished phones, to get the most bang for your buck. Get more details about the best refurbished phones from the experts at Tom’s Guide by clicking here.

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